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Feature request: Power on volume level

Thanks Edward, I'll take that under consideration.

Bean speaker set

Not directly, but you can indirectly. I'll back up a bit to explain. When Sonos speakers are bonded together (a home theatre setup or stereo pair for example) they become a room. You can then gro...

Feature request: Power on volume level

Edward, any advice for keeping my dog from tracking muddy paw prints all over the house? Seriously though, to add to this request, I'd want to be able to configure a time period that the speakers...

Updates to the Desktop Controller Coming Soon

Huh? Doesn't discrimination require an intent to exclude? If there was no thought put into the decision in regards to visual impaired, how can that be considered discrimination? Let's not pretend t...

TV Connection

You can connect your TV output to the input of the play:5, however the play:5 will always buffer the audio so that it can sync the audio with other speakers in the house, as needed for whole home audi...

Sonos one with Ps4

Not by itself, no. It can play audio from your PS4 if grouped or bonded with other Sonos speakers that have aux RCA, optical, or HDMI-ARC inputs. Another option would be to connect your playstation...

Software update suggestion - rejoin group after TV

That's an interesting thought. It seems like it would require 2 features that currently don't exist to make this happen. The first being that Sonos would need to start tracking history of groups, so...

Samsung exit 4K player market

Is it still doing well? I haven't done a ton a research, but what I've seen shows that disc sales are declining. Below is just one article.

Amazon Now Making Higher End Fully Functional Alexa Integrated, High Performance Speakers and Subs

They have upped their game, but I tend to think there goal in this is not intended to compete with Sonos and higher end speakers as it is to compete with other voice assistants, like Google and Siri....

Can people stop complaining about DTS?

I don't know that Samsung's announcement is the best data to show that people are moving away from blu ray and DTS. It could be that the market is saturated with blu ray players already, or that peop...

Amazon Now Making Higher End Fully Functional Alexa Integrated, High Performance Speakers and Subs

Well, I'd invest in them because they are impressive as you stated. I'm not aware of any superior speakers from Amazon. Their best option is a pair of echos + sub, correct? How is that superior to...

Sonos 1 with Alexa too sensitive

You can't adjust the mic sensitivity. You could give your echo dot a different wake word so the two devices know which one you're talking to . I'd also try and troubleshoot why Sonos One isn't turni...

AppleTV/AirPlay theater integration

If you have an optical connection, you would need a IR remote to control the Sonos Beam or playbar. If your siri remote can do IR, then yes. For an HDMI-ARC connection, volume control commands come...

AppleTV/AirPlay theater integration

Just to make sure, when people typically refer to theater sound, it's beyond stereo (2 channel) audio to include a center channel, surround channels, and beyond. Airplay 2 currently only supports ste...

Playbase - Is lack of DTS an issue? Should I wait for a Playbar refresh?

You already mentioned it. Bluray discs and players are often in DTS only. If you stream video exclusively and/or have a player that can convert DTS to DD 5.1, it's not an issue. And to be perfect...

Musicbox vs Sonos

It depends on what Sonos speakers you have. Several sonos speakers are airplay compatible, so you would be able to use airplay to send audio from your mac to the speakers. Also, several Sonos speake...

Playing Amazon Music Unlimited via Alexa on my Sonos One

Ryan, so does that mean that if I say "Alexa, play Sweet Victory", she won't respond with "Playing Sweet Victory"...she'll beep and the music will start?

What's Unique About the New Sonos/Sonance Outdoor Speaker?

I can't even really justify the ability to add a 3rd pair of speakers as much of a feature. You can get a speaker switch that will allow you use 3 or 4 pairs without issue, and the ability to turn of...

Finally Cracked It!!!

Glad you got you your issues resolved. Your 3 steps is good advice for any setup. I would just add though that factory resets would not be a good idea to resolve wireless issues like this. It's mu...

What's Unique About the New Sonos/Sonance Outdoor Speaker?

My understanding is these Sonos branded speakers have a sound signature that matches the other Sonos powered speakers. You can also power up to 3 pairs off a single amp. For other speakers, Sonos st...

Using the smartphone (Controller-App) as microphone (source) for your Sonos System

Alexa enabled speakers (including Sonos Beam and One) have an announcement feature. It's not a true PA system, but allows you to make a short message , "Alexa, annouce dinner's ready", on one Alexa d...

Sonos New System & Windows 10 Desktop

Well yes, this is pretty much standard procedure for android apps, if I'm understanding you correctly. I don't know why you would have needed to make an account, as your friend's account would have b...

Cannot add Sonos Connect to my Sonos system

Follow the steps in this document. Although the Connect technically isn't a speaker, it is in the context of this setup. Once you completed t...

It's 3.1 NOT 5.1

And it's not like Sonos is doing anything different by refering to their HT system as 5.1 than any other soundbar maker. What you're essentially asking for is the established industry standard termin...

HomePod and a future Play:5

I think your best option would be to look for an Apple solution that can take input from your turntable and cast it with airplay. I don't know that their is such a device, but Apple products are curr...


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