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Sonos 70ms delay

What Bruce stated earlier is accurate. Are you seeing something different? Do you have a Connect or a Connect:amp? If you have a Connect, then there would need to be a receiver or amp between the...

trueplay for Android?

The Sonos app for android is free, so it's hard to put a discount on that. If you're expecting a discount on the speakers themselves, how would Sonos know whether you're going to use an android or iO...

Sonos Beam ARC connection issues

It wasn't clear, but I'm guessing DD was greyed out, which happens when the source is not currently DD. If it's not visible at all, then yes, your TV likely won't pass through.

Sonos Beam ARC connection issues

If changing the device settings doesn't fix the issue, you may want to get a CEC less adapter. Use it for the device you think is most likely the issue and see if the issue resurfaces. If it does, u...

Alexa refuses to stop Spotify

You shouldn't have to do this, but try "Alexa stop music on ". I don't think mentioning the music source is going to be helpful when stopping or identifying audio, only when starting audio. FYI, the...

Sonos Amp: Get More Enjoyment with IR Control

@AjTrek1 do you know if Amp has a built in IR receiver? I want to say it doesn't but can't confirm. The lack of an IR receiver would mean that a remote will not work unless you're using an HDMI-ARC...

Forced updates break SONOS

I would recommend contact Sonos directly with your issues. Since you're not in an office environment, not a typical home, the network setup recommendations are going to be different. Community membe...

Connecting ZP100's to 3.1 Entertainment Set with Beam to make it a 5.1

...And a minor technicality. you won't get 3.1 from the Beam alone, only the 3. Adding a Sonos sub as well will give you the 3.1.

One Speaker doesn't shut off when I close down at night.

I'm not sure what you mean by logging out. When you open up the Sonos controller, on any platform, do you see this speaker listed?

Forced updates break SONOS

@rhott. The update is not forced. What sounds like happened for you was that the Sonos app on your phone was set to automatically update. Once that was updated, you will then be required to have th...

Apple TV audio multiple zones

Yes, this will work in theory, but two words of caution. First , on some receivers, the 2nd or 3rd zone output cannot play some of the receivers inputs. I've seen it where only the analog inputs can...

Alexa now Breaks up groups

Ah. Agree on this, it's the functionality I see as well. It makes sense to me, at least in terms of how I use the system, as I typically want to be in the room I'm setting the volume for so I can pr...

Need for Alexa on BOTH Sonos One's ?

It doesn't exactly work that way. By adding the 2nd Sonos One to your system, the smart skill connection between Sonos and Alexa will automatically add the 2nd Sonos One as an alexa enabled device....

Recent update now breaking groups with Alexa

I agree with Chris. What users are currently seeing right now doesn't appear to be the new norm but a work in process. For one thing, my particular system doesn't ungroup sonos rooms by voice comman...

Sonos One, iPhone X, AirPlay 2, Siri and Alexa.....Voice Command

It can be done, but it's actually not a siri or airplay 2 feature. If you open up the Alexa app or Amazon music app on your phone, you'll see the Alexa icon. Pressing that will turn on the mic of yo...

Sonos Apparel

Isn't it illegal to use a companies logo like that without their permission? Perhaps as long as you're aren't selling whatever it is you make, not sure. As for the items themselves, I did get the...

5.1 Surround setting

My thought when I saw that was a reminder that there are people out there that effectively have 'money to burn'. And honestly, if someone has money to burn, I'd encourage them to spend it on stuff I...

Alexa now Breaks up groups

My setup isn't working as you're suggesting Ken. If I'm playing audio to a group of rooms, hitting the hard button on a speaker to pause will pause across the entire group. The same functionality ex...

Karaoke in SONOS app

In addition to the delay issues, an almost necessity of karaoke is a screen with lyrics that will help whatever singer keep up. YouTube videos are good for that, and you can't really use your phone a...

Help with 5 Zone System Hardware Selection?

Upgrade to what? In terms of music sources, both the amp versions have line-ins, in addition to streaming sources. The Sonos Amp also has hdmi-arc input. I'm not sure what sort of additional music...

Fix Beam_After Losing Recognition with TV via HDMI_ARC

If your Beam is attached on wall, it's not so easy to unplug at the Beam. I also have the TV and the Beam using the same power strip, which itself has an on/off switch. Cutting the power through the...

Help with 5 Zone System Hardware Selection?

Is there a reason you're not considering a combination of Connect:amps and Sonos Amps? If some of your zones will be fine with less power and can be in stereo, then you can shave some off the budget...

Sonos Sub - The subwoofer for more intense bass - But no sex appeal

The shape doesn't really bother me, it's the matte that I don't care for much. If they could just fixed that up a bit, and possibly some method for keeping dust off of it, that's be great. That said...

Alexa ducking - why not fixed with groups?

I'm not really sure what this change is, or how it's suppossed to work really. It does seem like changes are being rolled out, or modified in the cloud without us really knowing it. I don't think...

Alexa ducking - why not fixed with groups?

Did you specify your Sonos room as the Preferred Speaker inside the Alexa group you created?


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