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TuneIn Radio (BBC Catchup) shows not appearing in Sonos search (but do on TuneIn website)

Yeah sonos listed them and I had them saved in my favourites as shows I think, but they would not play, gave an error of wrong format or something like that. Now the same favourite listed podcasts all...

TuneIn Radio (BBC Catchup) shows not appearing in Sonos search (but do on TuneIn website)

Well after latest sonos software update , all my tunein BBC podcasts play when before they would not, could be a co-incidence but I think sonos has fixed something.

No digital output LG OLED B6

I have my B6 connected via optical to my sony AVR and I get DD no problem from Netflix app. I have the tv set to output to internal speakers and optical out. I have to turn the tv volume to zero when...

Google Assistant is finally coming to the Sonos One and Sonos Beam

Unless that causes even more delays. If so pick one at setup suits me fine.

Problems Since Upgrading to 9.3

Hopefully the idea would be to Beta test this with customers who have both android controllers, google play music account and gen1 play5. Doubt sonos would role out a patch just for this?

LG OLED65C8 - no sound when connecting to Playbase using optical out

Try changing the speaker output settings in the tv menu. I have mine set to optical and internal tv speakers. I turn the tv internal speaker volume down to zero with tv remote, when using my AVR.

Dolby digital 5.1 from SKY Q 2GB , Sonos beam

Connecting all your kit to the tv via HDMI, and then the beam to tv via tv optical out must work. That's how my AVR is set up. Old school but the beam will still be getting DD5.1 which is the best it...

cr100 voucher missed?

This was the post:- Try going up the management tree, you may have hit first line defense ;O) send this...

One reason of DTS support for Sonos

Sonos stand by their decisions. They decided years ago with the playbar not to support DTS or Bluetooth on anything. I missed DTS when I used to play blu-rays and I used to moan on here.....alot. Now...

cr100 voucher missed?

You seem to have fallen through the email net. Contact sonos customer support, they helped out a UK customer a few weeks ago with a discount voucher off a sonos one.

Unable to connect beam to tv. please help.

Indeed. If anything, you need a new tv

Google music albums

It is rare, on here, to see someone with so many songs on google. With that many songs, maybe you would be better off with a NAS drive with all your music on it. You won't be streaming all the time ei...

Google music albums

From google search:- Google Play Music song storage limits You can add up to 50,000 songs to Google Play Music from your personal music collection using Google Play Music for Chrome or Music Manager (...

CD player to Sonos speakers?

You could use either. A connect to get music from cd into sonos system, then to a pair of sonos play1s. Or a connect amp if you already have or fancy some normal HIFI speakers.

Unable to connect beam to tv. please help.

Would something like this do it?

How about one answer? LG OLED and Beam/Sub/2 Play:1's

It looks like the C8 has lip sycn issues generally:- Hey that tv is otherwise regarded as the best tv out there. LG are good with softwa...

Tired Of Waiting For Google home Integration

Are you on the beta program or have IFTTT set up? only guesses.

Lost a speaker

Only android v5.0 upwards is fully supported. Your old device was probably stuck on v4.4 and only partially supported. See requirements:-

Reverse left and right Sonos One Pair

Why would you even want to do that

LG C8 + Beam - will it work?

Seems the C8 might have a problem:-

Lost a speaker

You can since v9.3, only add sonos devices via a mobile device, not a pc or mac.

Updates to the Desktop Controller Coming Soon

OMG it's a controller functionality downgrade, nothing at all has happened to the functionality of a working system. The world is going mobile devices/voice. My laptop lives under my sofa, rarely used...

Problems Since Upgrading to 9.3

Also a gen1 play5 must be a special case, to all other sonos devices, so that is quite interesting in itself.

Problems Since Upgrading to 9.3

Hi keith, maybe we could have a main thread on here with known "development work items" or whatever name is most positive. People could visit there first to see if their problem has been reported and...

Problems Since Upgrading to 9.3

I read on here that v9.3 has a bug casting GPM to a gen1 play5 using android?


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