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locked to account

No worries. Enjoy your new(ish) Sonos!

Sound cutting out

10 cm is pretty close, you may want to increase that distance, at least to a meter, give or take.

Unable to play X, lost connection to apple music

I'd certainly recommend to you that submitting a diagnostic would be a good start. As Keith N suggests, it sounds like there may be some wifi interference in your local network, which is causing the S...

unable to add apple music to sonos

Note: It's Friday night, Edward and his compatriots won't be back here in the Forums until Monday morning. You may get a faster response when you have that diagnostic number if you get in touch with S...

Sonos Beam - Optical Input

I agree with AjTrek1....not sure how you could connect any turntable, which generally has an RCA analog output, to the Beam, which has an HDMI-CEC (not HDMI!) input, or an optical to HDMI-CEC adapter....

Music from iphone cutting out

Or convince Apple to stop making changes to their software that breaks other people's use of their equipment.

Hold Play/Pause to start a Favorite Station or Playlist

Laugh. Ryan, you slay me.

Line-in sound cuts out all the time

On your controller device, open up the Sonos app. Then (usually), click on the three dots at the bottom right, which should say "...more". Then click on Settings. Then click on Room Settings The...

Mac Logic X-Sonos-Line In

To be honest, I'd be connecting a cable from my headphone jack on the Mac to the CONNECT to do this, without going through the Apple TV. Would require a 3.5mm stereo jack to RCA jack cable, but it wou...

Mac Logic X-Sonos-Line In

Sure. Sonos doesn't care where the analog input comes from. As long as it is a stereo signal, then the CONNECT should be able to take the analog output just fine. The real question is, how do you get...

Recently moved with Sonos CONNECT, and need new speakers

You could get any speaker that connects to the amplifier, i.e. normal speakers, or you could get Sonos speakers of any type. At that point, I'm not sure what purpose the CONNECT would serve, other tha...

Cannot hear play 1 speakers when new sonos amp connected to TV via hdmi

It's the same as the normal setup. The Blu ray player would be connected to the TV with an HDMI cable, the TV would be connected to the Sonos Amp with another HDMI cable from the HDMI-ARC on the TV, a...

locked to account

The easiest way is to factory reset them, something the previous owner should have done before selling them to you. It will erase all of their settings, and allow you to set them up as "new" for you...

Apple Music Connection Lost

Have you submitted a diagnostic, as I suggested? If so, you need to post the number here. No one can effectively guess what particular issue you're having, either without more information, or the diag...

New Sonos Amp Apple TV / remote

Glad to hear you've got a new one, and it's working the way you expected!

Having interference and compatability problems - best set up advice

I think your best bet is to have Sonos look at your diagnostic, but I wanted to clear up one item. The PLAYBASE, PLAYBAR and Beam all support the same codecs: Dolby Digital and Stereo. It sounds to...

Alarm pauses after a few minutes

Perhaps following the instructions in the post previous to yours might help them help you?

Play 5: Sound very quiet.

I would encourage you to seek legal counsel, to see what options you may have.

Works with Sonos: AVR Not Finding Sonos Connect

Onkyo doesn't do support here, this is a Sonos board. You'll probably need to contact Onkyo on either their own phone line, or their support forum, if they have one.

Play 5 (gen 1) no audio - dead speaker?

Yea, four years would put them out of warranty, I'm pretty sure. But since Sonos doesn't have a authorized repair service, it can't hurt to call them. At least you'll have a bit more information for y...

Apple Music Connection Lost

The problem is that each case has the potential for being a different issue. The same symptom doesn't have only one cause, so Sonos would need to see a diagnostic from each of your clients to help you...

TV Connection

For that same purpose, I use the TuneIn premium subscription on my iPhone, and then AirPlay 2 it to a Sonos One, which I would move out to my patio to enjoy the games. I'm still waiting for Sonos to i...

Connect with Onkyo

What support are you looking for?

Set top box/Beam Audio Issue

I've absolutely no clue what a BT YouView box is, but it sounds like it's doing something to the HDMI-CEC signal that's causing your TV to break the connection with the Beam. I'd be looking at the set...

Play 5 (gen 1) no audio - dead speaker?

It is possible, electronics do fail, especially complicated ones like Sonos, with computers, wifi cards, etc inside them. I'd recommend that you contact Sonos to discuss it.


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