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Sonos One with Alexa - In desperation!

Hi There is a known issue at the moment in Australia with some people unable to set-up Beam or Sonos One. One thing to check is that the location in your profile is correct and the locatio...

Using the New AMP with SKY Q

Hi In addition to Bruce's comments - I have Sky Q, PlayBar and a Pioneer Plasma TV which has a copyright protection that stops simultaneous output on both HDMI and Optical. I had to connect Sky Q to...

Playbar no chime solid white light won’t connect using app

Hi As you have moved house, I assume that your Wi-Fi SSID has changed? If so, I would connect the Playbar to your Router via an Ethernet cable temporarily and then open the Sonos App and change the...

Play 3 randomly stops playing

Hi Have you seen this article? There is a known issue with iPhones, that can sometimes be resolved by turning Bluetooth off.

Sonos one fading

Sorry, I read Sonos One and not Play:1 - my mistake.


No, what Bruce is staying is that you can't share a sub between two PlayBars. So to confirm the answer to your question above: Yes, two 5:1 set-up's in different rooms are fully supported. The abilit...

Sonos one fading

I wonder if this is 'ducking' after the Sonos One has triggered Alexa? What Alexa Groups have you set-up?

Tv disappeared in Alexa

Please Disable the Sonos Skill and then Re-Enable in the Alexa App, once completed ask 'Alexa, Discover devices'. Let us know how you get on.

Lost Alexa

In that case, I suggest you submit a diagnostic and post the number in this thread or contact support via twitter or Facebook.

Marantz NR 1605 AV receiver

Hi Thanks for clarifying. Yes, you can use Sonos products as an alternative to your Polk Audio Speakers. You would need to get either a Sonos Amp (Connected to Passive Speakers) or a Play:5 and use...

Stop and skipping songs

Hi Have you looked at the article I mentioned above, in particular: Quote: We are currently investigating issues with audio playback from an iPh...

Alexa Dot and Sonos

Just install the Sonos app on your mobile device and you have 100% control via the app.

Marantz NR 1605 AV receiver

To backup what @passopp has stated; the Sonos Amp (which has now replaced the Connect Amp) would just be another Source for your AV Receiver. Please note that Sonos doesn't support Wi-Fi connections...

Ask Alexa to play tv audio on a sono one

I don't think it is possible with TV through the PlayBar, as Alexa isn't controlling the TV and so there isn't a voice command to initiate TV Audio. Unless you have an Alexa controlled TV, in which c...

Ask Alexa to play tv audio on a sono one

TV is handled slightly different than Music. In the 'Sonos App>Settings>Room Settings>[Select your PlayBar]>TV & Remote>TV' there is an option to 'Ungroup on AutoPlay' and 'TV Autoplay' which is defa...

Marantz NR 1605 AV receiver

Hi Can you provide some more detail? Ques: 1/ What is the reason for the AV Receiver? 2/ You will need to be on-Line to set-up, how is this to be achieved? 3/ What existing speakers do you have...

The state and the transparency of Sonos regarding Google Assistant is just embarrassing by now.

The other thing to consider is that perhaps Google moved the goal posts at some stage in the development life cycle - What's Sonos communication going say that won't be negative about their tech partn...

Device offline

Also, please appreciate that Sonos sold 6.9M units in 2018 - now compare that to the number of people stating that they have problems on the forum. Sonos isn't doing badly really!

Device offline

Sorry for the long post but this type of issue is normally down to one of three things: 1/ Duplicate device names - Alexa prefers that names for Devices, Groups and Scenes are unique, 1.1/ Please op...

Device offline

Normally a device that is shown as off-line has lost connectivity to the cloud. Can you please power down the device for 5 secs and then allow to complete the boot sequence.

Sonos One Gen 2 and setting up Alexa issues.

Please monitor this thread for any Sonos fix update:

After App Update —> Playbar Connectivity Problems

I'm not sure if this related - my system has been stable for years but I needed to reboot my Router, Network switches and all wired Sonos devices recently to stop this happening.

Sonos Beam Alexa voice control problem

Hi Over the weekend. the only Sonos direct support is via Twitter and Facebook. Sonos have confirmed that there is an issue in Australia with the Sonos One (Gen 2) and the Beam setting up Alexa. I...

Trouble with Alexa Group

Hi It's not possible to play music across Sonos and non-Sonos devices, so this will never work.

Sonos plays only one song at a time

Do you have an Amazon App or device connected to the Beam - could this be signed into another Amazon account? What mobile device are you using the Alexa App on? My Android App shows a Trash can agai...


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