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Managed Switch

Hi erumsas1962 I use a NETGEAR Nighthawk S8000 Gaming & Streaming Switch. Here are my settings; Dedicated Boost on Port 1 DoS enabled Switch Discovery All Modes On QoS set to Port Based Broadcasting...

Beam keeps dropping connection

Hi bradhookey You have submitted two diagnostics. Rather than wait for a response through this forum I suggest you call Sonos Tech for assistance in real-time.

Controller (Androird App) dropping when moving between ASUS mesh network

Hi bdtedder I have an ASUS AI Mesh setup using two AC5300's. I allowed my main AC5300 to do all the heavy lifting (i.e. assign iP addresses etc.) In your scenario the AC5300 should be the unit that i...

Best setup for combined Kitchen/Living

Hi gfhawk Below is a snapshot of options you might consider. Please post back with your thoughts. Looking forward to your reply. Cheers! Option 1_depends on outlets that are convenient to power Pla...

Help - Combined CD / Turntable and surround set-up

Hi MisterFridge What follows is a quick snapshot of how you could use Sonos and some of your exiting gear while eliminating wires traveling front to back. Please post back if you'd like more in-depth...

Sonos are messing me around with a refund for an item sent back under the 100-day guarantee. Advice needed.

OK...So you're not the Author of this thread and I don't see any previous posts by you in this Thread. That said...what is your issue? Or are you just making a comment on the thread itself? More infor...

Sonos in a caravan

Hi Ministry I know that Spotify has a free mobile service. If moving in your Caravan your problem is more likely to be maintaining a signal. Spotify will allow you to download your tracks (10K) if y...

2xPLAY:1’s vs 2xPLAY:3’s with Sonos Beam

No worries concerning the back n''s what we do have what you need to make an informed decision. Feel free to come back with more questions. Cheers!

2xPLAY:1’s vs 2xPLAY:3’s with Sonos Beam

Hi again...I don't think I was being vague...just a little confused by your wording To your question about replacing the Play 1's with Play 3's....IMO it's a even split. The additional low-end if an...

2xPLAY:1’s vs 2xPLAY:3’s with Sonos Beam

Hi mattxbarnes If I understand your statement correctly you have a Beam with Play 1's x 2 and a Play 5...all Grouped together. Each to their own but if that's the case your setup is unorthodox and...

Roku and sound bar

Hi CBContractor This is a reverse process but it may work... Unplug the Sonos Playbar and disconnect the Optical from your TV. Train the Roku remote to operate your TV volume up/down. Reconnect th...

Google Home vs Amazon Echo Dot

Hi JMJ Google Home is not yet fully supported as an integrated voice assistant with Sonos. Meaning you cannot command a stand-alone Sonos speaker (i.e. Sonos One or Beam) with a "Hey Google" autonomo...

Home Theater and Television Recommendation Megathread

Hi Prospective buyer Ideally you would connect the Beam HDMI_ARC port to the HDMI_ARC port of your Samsung TV. The other option is to use the Optical adapter between the Beam HDMI_ARC port and the Op...

Play:5 doesn't do anything when pressing play/pause, only plays sound effect

Hi Pieter6 Depressing those buttons too long may be tricking your Play 5 to try and join other Sonos (establish a group). You can also unplug your Play 5 for 30 seconds as a soft reboot. If that does...

Connect ~ white light half strength and flickering

Hi halesinitaly Given the age of your Connect I wouldn't invest a lot of time looking for an answer or reply in the forum. I'd submit a diagnostic, post the reference ID in this forum and then call S...

Can't see iTunes Library after upgrading to iTunes 12.1.3 - Tried all suggested troubleshooting

Hi MellyMeIG You need to update the OS on your Mac Cheers!

Best NAS for Storing Ripped CDS and How to rip (Flac? Lossless?)

Hi Boutsik Here's a link to recommended Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. Now here's the truth I use a NetGea...

Sonos One Stand

Hi McMaKo Sonos does not manufacturer stands. However since they bear the Sonos name on the bottom I’d assume they are made to Sonos specs with their blessing. I have experience with Flexson and San...

Speakers for Large High School Gymnasium

Hi LongIsland Sonos does not make a BT speaker. Although you can incorporate a BT Transceiver with Sonos line-in products even using an array of Play 5's would be an insurmountable task. It would req...

Best placement for play 1’s as rear surrounds

Agreed. There are several stand choices to choose from on the Sonos website.

playbar won't re-connect to TV after playing apple music

Hi MurreyK2 I see you submitted this 3 days ago, so maybe you have your answer. Just in case you don't.... if you are streaming from a music service end the session before going back TV audio. See...

Cannot Find Sonos One in App While on 5 GHz Frequency

Did you get your issue resolved?

What to get for home cinema and listening to music

Actually, John B the cost factor for a Sonos Amp and Play 1's x 2 for srrounds may be negligible if davjo already has passive speakers for the front and a sub. As you said music playback would be a no...

Hearing Aid connection

Hi Anni B What kind of connection are you trying to establish? What is the brand/model of the booster?

What to get for home cinema and listening to music

Hi davjo I have both Playbars and Beam installed on different TV's. Here's why: To obtain the BEST FRONT sound stage (L/C/R) in my main viewing area (Media Room) I have a Playbar, Sub and Play 3's x...


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