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Spotify lower quality when using Chromecast - Future Sonos One issue

And here I thought all audiophile types could readily "hear" the differences, lol.

Update: Bringing Google Assistant to Sonos

Amazon just announced a free, ad-supported tier as well.

Update: Bringing Google Assistant to Sonos

Well, at least you can now use with Sonos, if you can afford it, lol.

Update: Bringing Google Assistant to Sonos

No, I'm not. These aren't "Bluetooth speakers", they're smart speakers with Google Assistant fully integrated, including multi-room and stereo pairing. They do things appropriate to certain use case...

Update: Bringing Google Assistant to Sonos

In my case, Sonos perfectly fits my needs in the main living spaces, other than the lack of GA support, which is indeed far behind schedule. In other rooms, though, there are GA solutions that are a...

Forced Updates Lawsuit

You’re wasting everyone’s time, just sort out your network issues, Sonos will then work great, as it does for everyone with sorted WiFi networking.

Update: Bringing Google Assistant to Sonos

Um, a quarter has 3 months, at least here on planet earth.

Sonos One Junk

Seems odd that the microphone broke, they are extremely rugged devices. Perhaps liquid was spilled into them? At any rate, an Echo Dot can be set up to play to the Sonos speakers, cheap way to get a...

So you want a less expensive/smaller Sonos sub...well there's more to consider than just the asking...

Maybe they'll leave it to IKEA to produce a lower cost Sub. Something that blended into the furniture would be perfect.

When, if ever, will Chromebooks be supported?

Even uber proprietary Apple is going to soon fully support Chorme OS with Chromecast for Apple Music. There’s a huge opportunity here, Sonos, please seriously consider fully supporting Chrome OS. ht...

Tired Of Waiting For Google home Integration

Ha! I've never seen an engineering team outrank the marketing and sales weenies. How many times have they announced vaporware at other companies? Spence must be getting a lot of flak from his sales...

120W speakers and Sonos AMP

"120W speaker" just means it can handle up to 120W of power, probably at peaks, not continuously. What matters more, really, is the impedance rating of the speaker, in Ohms. Two 8 Ohm nominal speake...

Google Assistant

Perhaps it will FINALLY be released at Google I/O next month. Would be HUGELY embarrassing if Sonos doesn't release this before Google (potentially) comes out with a new set of speakers. Not that it...

Cannot view Youtube music downloaded songs

Google seems to be having one heck of a time with their music services, lol. Google Play Music, then Red, now YouTube Music, while GPM is still around. Maybe once they finally get it sorted out, they...

When, if ever, will Chromebooks be supported?

The majority of Android apps run just fine on my ChromeBox. The Sonos app really ought to, as well. ChromeOS clearly has a very bright future, which Sonos really needs to take seriously. https://cal...

Installing app and desktop app - absolute rubbish!

You obviously have network issues. Fix them. App works fine when your network isn’t rubbish.

Disabling Wi-Fi on my iPhone didn't stop the music playing on Sonos One Gen 2

Via the 4G connection to the Spotify cloud -> Sonos cloud -> Internet -> your WiFi -> Sonos speaker.

Sonos One Gen 2 Now Available

I wonder if they’ve switched from the Texas Instruments TPA-3118 to the Qualcomm DDFA chipset to improve performance and be more consistent with the Amp’s architecture.

Mediocre measurements for new Sonos Amp

^^^ Wow, I can’t believe a professional review used “discreet” where “discrete” was called for, but I guess copy editors are just “too expensive” these days. Sigh.

Mediocre measurements for new Sonos Amp

This article confirms that the Amp is using the Qualcomm DDFA chipset, which offers outstanding digital performance. It's certainly possible that the 70ms delay confused the tester's analog input mea...

Sonos too cheap? And exploiting customers?

Yes, such a ridiculous thread.

Mediocre measurements for new Sonos Amp

It’s a pretty typical bias, performance over everything else. Very few folks buy equipment based on this. It’s certainly a valid bias, though. Lots of motorcycles, etc sold for similar reasons. When...

Mediocre measurements for new Sonos Amp

So, reading through the review a bit more carefully this time. He does measure a digital input, "streaming from Android", and gets excellent THD+N of 0.002% @5W, 1kHz, which is within the spec for th...

Mediocre measurements for new Sonos Amp

Here's an amplifier that appears to use the same Qualcomm chipset, with measurements using an Audio Precision analyzer.

Mediocre measurements for new Sonos Amp

Assuming this French site is correct, Sonos is using Qualcomm DDFA chips:


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