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Does SONOS Support Tidal MQA Tracks?

You guess correctly.

Playing Youtube via SONOS on Android

In the Chrome browser, you can cast directly from YouTube only to devices with a screen. You can cast the audio-only by casting the Tab, if you don't mind being way out of sync.

Sonos Community doesn’t stay logged in

Yes, it has long been an annoyance on iOS devices. I don’t use the subpar Safari, stick strictly to a Chrome, but even there it logs out and won’t auto login on iOS. On the vastly superior Android O...

On the 65k limit: why do speakers index music? It just seems incredibly poor design!

There are several open source projects on github. HiFi Cast is probably the best Android app that uses the Sonos API (or UPnP, not 100% certain). BubbleUPnP is another. Nearly all of the streaming...

On the 65k limit: why do speakers index music? It just seems incredibly poor design!

Right, and become another Squeezebox "success story". You do know they have an API that the "community" can and does use, right?

Truplay with Amp locked to Sonos branded Sonance speakers only?

So pretty much what Sonos does BEFORE TruePlay. Great if you're in a room with good acoustics, but not room correction. BTW, Alan Shaw of Harbeth wasn't terribly pleased about Devialet doing this fo...

Truplay with Amp locked to Sonos branded Sonance speakers only?

Devialet's SAM system has templates for every speaker they've measured, so their "secret sauce" is specific to certain speakers, too. Lots of marketing BS here, but may be some sound engineering behi...

chromebook and sonos

That lasted about a day, the current song and queue stayed in sync nicely, then suddenly stopped again. Rebooted, and they're back in sync. Thankfully, rebooting ChromeOS takes about 10 seconds, lol...

Apple Buyout Targets Could Include Sonos, JPMorgan Says

Well, Sonos apparently holds more patents than any other consumer electronics company except Apple. Apple could use the patents to do serious damage to the whole home music player competition, and th...

chromebook and sonos

Huh. All of a sudden, the SONOS app is working perfectly on the ChromeBox; the queue is correct, the currently playing song/album is displaying correctly. I made no changes, yesterday the queue was...

chromebook and sonos

So, have tried most of the Android streaming apps on the ChromeBox, to see which will cast to Sonos. Since I don't have subs for some, not sure if they will actually cast with a sub. Google Music (w...

High resolution sound

So tell me, how many manufacturers are slinging "hi rez" audio around the house, to 32 nodes? How many of them do it on your WiFi (since none of them has anything equivalent to SonosNet)? No rush, I...

Chrome extension for Sonos?

This Chrome extension is pretty cool. Adds Soundcloud tracks to the Sonos queue, then plays them, all from your browser.

High resolution sound

SONOS is serving the 95% of its customers who are streaming, usually at 256kbps AAC or 320kbps MP3. Serving them quite well, while the tiny customer base who want "hi rez" can simply move to other s...

sonos app V10

Sort out your WiFi issues. It’s nothing to do with the app.

TIDAL problem Jan / Feb 2019

No status for YouTube Music yet...

No support for brand account for YouTube Music

Pretty sure that’s a question for Google...

Version 10.0 has lost rooms - again!

No, your network issues have lost the rooms. Straighten out your WiFi and you’ll never experience this issue again. Hundreds of threads here explaining the issue, in detail.

chromebook and sonos

Interesting that Google appears to have opened whatever incoming port used by Chromecast devices. No issues at all with casting apps keeping up with what’s playing on any of my Chromecast devices. Als...

chromebook and sonos

So, probably a firewall issue. This Chrome extension for Sonos won't work on ChromeOS because of an incoming port being blocked. Doesn't appear to be an easy way to open ports on ChromeOS, without g...

chromebook and sonos

Clearing out the data and cache fixed the issue with the missing music services, and it does play selected items, but still doesn't show what's playing, and the queue doesn't work correctly. Ah well....

chromebook and sonos

Yes, but apparently, if they were to stick more closely to Android development best practices, it should "just work" on Android in ChromeOS. The fact that other apps, using Sonos' own API, work perfe...

chromebook and sonos

Sonos controller release 10.0 mucks up pretty much everything in ChromeOS. All services except TuneIn have disappeared. A bit ironic that the Pandora and iHeart Radio apps work perfectly when cast...

Best dedicated remote control for Sonos?

I have an iPort Xpress, magnetically attached to the refrigerator. TBH, I never use it. Voice control via Alexa is simply far more natural. When Google Assistant finally arrives, it will be even be...

On the 65k limit: why do speakers index music? It just seems incredibly poor design!

I'm gonna venture a guess that it's an XML file, not html. Today, of course, it would be done using JSON, but in 2002, XML was the thing...


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