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What Cat is Sonos cables?

I just read something here that made me rethink my original post. The Sonos flat cables may not meet either Cat 5 or Cat 5e spec in terms of wiring, or twisting, but in my experience they are able to...

Stereo to DD5.1

Edit: beaten to the punch by Danny The small box you describe sounds like an HDMI audio extractor. This device needs to "ask" your cable box for the correct signal. If you could find out the make an...

Dolby Digital Plus update

Thank you for confirming that I'm not delusional. This is exactly how I understood it to work - and read in several other places on this community.

What Cat is Sonos cables?

I would guess 5e. I have been able to get a GBit connection over them, so it can't be 5, and I doubt they would ship with Cat 6.

Pairing my Yamaha receiver with my sonos beam

It's not clear to me what exactly you are trying to achieve? The Beam is designed to take audio directly from an HDMI or optical source and play and/or distribute it to Sonos surround components (sate...

Dolby Digital Plus update

It requests via HDMI handshake, yes, but it does not do the conversion. If your input device cannot do that, it is up to the input device what you get: either it will revert to stereo, or still send...

Sonos surround ps4 pro and optomaUHD40

The Beam supports Airplay 2. I don't use any Apple devices so I wouldn't know how you would go about combining any audio streams and Airplaying them to the Beam. However, Airplay also is not intended...

Sonos surround ps4 pro and optomaUHD40

The optical port on the connect is an audio out as indicated on the device itself, so you will not be able to feed sound into it from the projector. The only line in the Connect has is analog, the rig...

Sonos setup for new house

Yes, the Playbar, although more powerful, unfortunately lacks some features of the Beam due to it being the older product. Your reasoning for the zoning is exactly what I meant, yes.

Sonos setup for new house

I have no experience with the Beam, but you might want to consider the Playbar, given the distance to your seating area and the depth of the room (my living room is of similar depth). I use Playbar, 2...

Sonos One better than play:1 ?

To answer your question, and expand a bit on Ken's post: I think the benefits of One should be found outside just the visual and auditive comparison to the Play 1. A Sonos representative commented som...

Better Sonos 5.1 Options and Added Flexibiltiy

Thanks for putting your suggestions in one post. I also appreciate the more constructive tone. I regret that we started off on the wrong foot, and I look forward to having a further constructive discu...


I'd just contact Sonos support directly, they've been known to replace devices without much hassle, even older ones.

SONOS Home Theater Mode

An HDMI audio extractor is just that, it extracts audio, in any format, from the A/V stream. It will not convert anything that Sonos does not support to DD 5.1 So if you use an audio extractor, and fe...

New Bar Installation

Another thing that comes to mind after reading this: When you eventually do scatter speakers around the space, I would recommend setting them up as separate rooms and grouping them, and not to set up...

No 5.1 from Chromecast either?

Regarding the Chromecast, it is not a Chromecast issue, because the Chromecast device itself can pass through 5.1. I stream DD5.1 movies from my NAS with BubbleUpnP, an app that lets you explicitly te...

Community feedback: Feature requests

Bedankt voor je antwoord!/Thanks for your reply! I kind of suspected this was the exact reason the previous iteration disappeared at one point, but it was worth a shot

Alexa Works but not Sonos

Please note that this is a community forum, looking at your issue, your best bet would be to contact Sonos directly. By the way, love that your wake-word is "Compu...

Let us have different "Scenes" or whatever with the same Speakers

Before the community existed in this form, Sonos had a website where feature requests had a separate status, and could be voted for. Some features introduced back then were based on popular demand. No...

Instaling Sonos in my new home, Help!!!

No need to change settings, as soon as the audio source changes from the TV input to anything else, Sonos will switch to the music mode automatically. If you have chosen the "full" setting as describe...

Just hooked up two Play:1s as surrounds ...

It's been 5 years, smarty-pants, safe to assume he's already made a decision There's a slider to adjust the subs intensity. Mine is at 50% and just fine

5.1 With Sonos Play:5 Left/Rigth

When you're done condescending Sonos, their employees and us again, take some time to actually read this community. Sonos has a policy not to share any details on R&D roadmaps and timelines and their...

5.1 With Sonos Play:5 Left/Rigth

I think I stated quite clearly that I appreciate your opinion and feature requests. My issue was with your tone, sounding like you're Sonos' CEO, adressing the R&D department and asking for timelines...

New Bar Installation

Two 5s would give you the power you need to have the music audible over a crowd. One thing that is not Sonos related: isn't it a violation of Spotify's terms and conditions to use it in a commercial s...

Fed Up of Invasion of Privacy

Please DM me, I will take all your Sonos gear off your hands, free of charge besides shipping, it's a bargain, considering you instantly reclaim your privacy! Oh, while you're at it, feel free to send...


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