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Wifi mesh and network connectivity and Sonos

I would not say that this is wrong advice, as SonosNet, in most cases, is the more stable option. Furthermore, there have been reported issues with Sonos and Google WiFi when different devices were co...

Wifi mesh and network connectivity and Sonos

I am not completely clear on the network structure in use here, is there a second router active in the network other than the Google Wifi? Also, it is critical that on the ISP modem, not only the WiFi...

What happened to the web diagnostics?

UPDATE: As is often the case, Sonos is not at fault, but my network was misbehaving. Apparently my router had decided to start handing out IPs in a different subnet, which caused my bookmark to the So...

Projector with 5.1 Playbar setup?

Most projectors, even in the higher end, are image-only devices, that do not offer the media handling or audio processing features that TVs offer and which Sonos needs to function. Sonos and projdctor...

Projector questions

The Beam would be the way to go. Most other solutions - Airplay, Bluetooth, Line-in - introduce a noticeable amount of delay, from somewhat annoying to totally off-sync unusable levels. Analog Line-in...

Sonos and Google WiFi

I do not own a Google WiFi yet, but I have been researching it. It's not just a set of wireless access points, but a full fledged router replacement, with the primary GW hub acting as router. This mea...

Spotify Connect - why not ?

I have made a tentative switch to GPM, partly because of this issue. However, I've since discovered some things about GPM that have me gritting my teeth, and I like Spotify better as a brand. My lov...

Which NAS/Router/Switch are you using?

Cisco EPC3925 DOCSIS modem, with WiFi and routing turned off TP-Link TL-WR1043ND router, running dd-wrt Netgear GS105 dumb switch Synology DS212j NAS, 2x2TB RAID 1, wired to the switch Sonos: Living...

SONOS icons on the controller are disappearing!?

Hmm, odd that it it doesn't work for you, my system has been fine ever since my "fix". I considered to try and break it again by introducing some large or corrupt artwork, to see if there really is a...

SONOS icons on the controller are disappearing!?

It looks like I stumbled onto the solution - I sorted out my album art and removed some files that were way too big. Full story: Since I have a few folders in my library that contain hundreds of rip...

SONOS icons on the controller are disappearing!?

Welp, there's a different issue here. Changed my DNS settings, worked for about 5 minutes and my icons disappeared again. Think I'll contact support this weekend.

How long do I wait on hold to Germany?

For my location (Netherlands), there is a toll free number, for the UK as well. However, I don't see Ireland in the list of locales on the Sonos website, so I think you're stuck with the number for th...

New problems with spotify dropping?

Just piling on my 2 cents: Probably a Spotify specific problem. I did a diagnostic of my network at 2.30 in the morning because I wanted to make sure it wasn't a local problem. Everything was fine, So...

SONOS icons on the controller are disappearing!?

I agree, which leads me to believe that it might be something to do with Android or the Sonos app itself. It doesn't explain why the problems with the menu icons seem to coincide with album art probl...

SONOS icons on the controller are disappearing!?

I can imagine the artwork being influenced by a network problem of some kind, as it is fetched from the same storage as the music, but what about the menu icons? I would assume they are part of the ap...

SONOS icons on the controller are disappearing!?

I'm curious about savalas' findings. I now have two controllers with the same AssociatedZP, one is showing icons, the other is not... Not connected through SonosNet, but I tried that yesterday and i...

SONOS icons on the controller are disappearing!?

Just happened here... 2 controllers, both Android (htc phone, samsung tab) Both devices showed different IPs for the AssociatedZP. These IPs were the same as earlier today, however, when I wasn't expe...

SONOS icons on the controller are disappearing!?

Have experienced this so often on various Android devices that I don't even notice it anymore. The music services mostly retain their icons, but I noticed the album art also lacks when this happens.

Frequency / Singal Strength

Just had a look at one of my Play 5s: Play 5: SBVRM002 I don't own a Bridge, so can't help you there...

Don't Buy Sonos Until You Know The Facts

I will join my predecessors in saying that I have had no major issues with Sonos. The only support call I have had to make turned out to be a glitch on the server side of things, so nothing to do wit...

How to add play a MP3 (or WAV) file

1. Yes, my library consists of nothing but MP3 and it works fine 2. If the PC goes to sleep, Sonos will lose connection to its music source, so it will stop playing. You can choose to never let your P...


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