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My poor SONOS CONNECT AMP got wet

I like to do the initial flushing of contaminated gear (soda, coffee, juice) with warm tap water as it is effective and cheap but I follow up with several rinses using distilled water to minimize the...

Spotify and hundreds of DNS requests per second

If they are still doing that could you send Sons a diagnostic and post the number here. It looks like a panic attack in the Sonos networking when the devices are unable to resolve the name. What shou...

An SQL injection attempt was made by my Sonoe One ( - should I worry?

I'd suggest contacting Sonos support and see what they say, try one of the contact page options that offers 24x7 support or contact them when they are open via phone.

Hooking up Sonos Connect to Denon receiver

The variable/fixed option in the Sonos pretty much just enables the internal Sonos volume control or disables it setting the volume to 100%. I wouldn't think it was broken or defective if the variabl...

My poor SONOS CONNECT AMP got wet

Calling Sonos and asking nicely for assistance in getting a replacement might get you a bit of a discount if you are lucky.

Trouble Connecting Old Receiver Line Out to Sonos Connect

In the Audio block, the MD CDR jacks are the same thing as tape in/out jacks on older gear.

problems setting up system

Grab the user manual for your router and flip to the DHCP page and it will tell you how to set static/reserved IP addresses for your Sonos gear.

Hooking up Sonos Connect to Denon receiver

Look under Settings, Room Settings, Your Connect's room, Advanced Audio, Line-Out Level. Set it to fixed.

Sonos One and sonos bridge

You can also wire any Sonos component and get the same setup as the Bridge you read about. BTW, any time you are reading about Sonos and see Bridge check the article's date as it hasn't been sold for...

Hooking up Sonos Connect to Denon receiver

That really sounds like you have the Sonos audio outputs set to variable and turned down way too low. FIRST turn your Denon volume DOWN! (trust me on this) Then turn the Sonos volume up to about 50%...

can't find on network

I get that a lot if I wake a tablet that is set to turn off WiFi while it is sleeping. Leaving the tablet WiFi on stops the message from popping up on waking the tablet.

Ethernet or Wifi?

I wire every Sonos device I can easily get an Ethernet cable to, the rest use the Sonos WiFi to join in.

Play 1 drops out of surround system

If you are doing Factory Resets stop doing them, they do not help and often make things harder to fix. Sounds like you may have WiFi issues, you could check your network matrix and see what it looks...

Sonos Speakers keep cutting out

If you can use twitter they have Sonos support staffed 24x7 there, here staffing is more hit or miss.

Play 3 speaker dropped off tried to re-add it but cant

Try the twitter support option, likely faster than waiting here.

Room Issues/Can not play music

Why not contact Sonos Support and see if they can help? The Sonos on twitter support is open 24x7 or you could call in when the phone lines open in your country, see the contact page for that or other...

Bad network connection, skipping line in

Why not ask Sonos Support to look at your diagnostic? They are available 24x7 on twitter, other options are on the contact page too. What do you have in the way of electronic devices near the sonos s...

ZP100 Dropping From Network

I'd call in to Sonos once the phone lines open in your location on Monday, they often can ease the financial pain of replacing an out of warranty unit as long as it hasn't been opened up and the seals...

Some speakers (and room) no longer showing up in the controller

Might be a good idea to take some steps to try to avoid the power loss or update time Sonos issues. Many have found that using their router's DHCP settings page to assign static/reserved IP addresses...

Updates not working

Did you try the second suggestion in the first post? Remove the app using your device's program manager, reboot the device and reinstall the app.

Speaker Unable to Connect

Why not contact Sonos Support and ask them to look at your diagnostic? We users here on the community forum can't see that would need as much as you can tell us about your system to try to help. The S...

Seeking speaker recommendations primarily for music

Play 1s or Sonos Ones and a Sub. Maybe the pretty colored Hay versions? Sonos ceiling speakers and either a Connect Amp or the new Sonos Amp. Connect Amp will do 4, Sonos Amp will do 6 speakers.

WiFi connection of 1 play5 disappeared

You may get a response here on Monday if your post is seen, you might try the Sonos on twitter support that is available 24x7. You can also call or e-mail your diagnostic number and problem descriptio...


I really appreciate two options on my current hearing aids, they link to a Bluetooth transmitter I have hooked to my ZP-80 and they have a microphone muting option so I can cut out any outside audio I...

Play:1 will not connect

If you don't want to wait until Monday the Sonos support on twitter is available 24x7 and they can see your diagnostic.


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