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Surround speakers cutting out

Contact Sonos Support with the number after sending a diagnostic, maybe phones are still open or try here that is staffed 24x7

Surround speaker cut off after installing boost

You should contact Sonos support about your problem, submit a diagnostic and then talk to them on twitter or try via phone if the lines are still open.

Sonos:Connect - resetting and stuck with solid bright white light

Why not send Sonos a diagnostic and contact them via phone or twitter?

Connect:AMP and 4 speakers. Safe?

At 88dB I'd think going to the Sonos Amp for the higher power would be a good idea. Since they are 8 Ohm speakers you can only connect four (2 right, 2 left) to a Sonos Amp or Connect Amp. At 88 dB...

Audio cutting out randomly

I have spent many hours trying to find the IP problem, my pfSense DHCP server has excellent logging ability but has never shown a problem. I gave up on finding out what was going wrong, set the stati...

Connect:AMP and 4 speakers. Safe?

You don't give the most important number, the speaker's efficiency. That determines how loud an amplifier will drive them. A high number should be fine with the Connect Amp, lower efficiency and the e...

Songs on NAS not showing under artist name

Can you post a screenshot of the song's tags from mp3tag? This is from EasyTag which is my tagging tool.

All Sonos speakers stopped working

Green for mute wasn't the wisest choice, most folks see green and think good, not mute.

IKEA will start selling its Sonos-powered smart speakers in August

But funny... Our IKEA went to overhead arrow spotlights many years ago.

Will Boost help speakers from cutting out?

Send in a diagnostic and contact Sonos support to see what they think: The Boost is very similar to the other Sonos devices as far as the radio goes so I wouldn't thi...

New One ticking

Contact Sonos support and see if they can help today: otherwise call in on Monday.

IKEA will start selling its Sonos-powered smart speakers in August

Paper Tiger you may have missed the news story recently about a young fellow that got himself arrested for tampering with the IKEA arrows creating an endless path around and around the store. :-) Th...

New Construction wiring for new Sonos Amp with 4 conductor wire

Wire nuts will work, be very sure to get good quality ones that will hold a grip for years or you'll be up in the attic replacing them. If you keep the connections close to the speaker and leave enoug...

All Sonos speakers stopped working

Isn't Green = Mute and Whire = Play? Hope it is that simple!

Play 5 loud clicking

Contact Sonos support, here they are open now or try the phones on Monday.

IKEA and Sonos

This may be just another outlet like Costco, Hay and the like. IKEA certainly has a better reputation than Best Buy that sells Sonos now!

AC adaptor CR200/Dock ul310-0520, gone bad.

If you take your failed power supply with you to an electronics shop they should be able to match it nearly perfectly. Chiang Mai shows several possibilities in Google. If you were in Udorn and nobody...

Wired Play:1 is on Sonosnet (wm:0) but other speakers still on wifi (wm:1)

You may have made a mess with the factory reset, sadly, that is the usual result of using it. Maybe power off the speakers you factory reset and hook an Ethernet to one of the remaining speakers? If...

One of my rooms has disappeared from the app

Did you try the support?

Components keep disappearing and cant reconnect

Maybe contact for some hands-on help? They are open 24x7.

Sonos cutting out intermittently - 2x play:5, 1x play:1

Try here for 24x7 support:

Songs being cut off and Sonos stopping

Try here for weekend support:

Music stops

Probably submit a diagnostic from her system and contact Sonos support, they are open 24x7 here:

Play 5 will not connect through Ethernet

Take a look here at the discussions on using travel routers in your situation, it should work and prevent unwanted access.

Wired vs wireless for just some speakers?

If the sonosnet signal is weak you could add a Boost closer to the weak unit.


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