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Does SONOS Support Tidal MQA Tracks?

Not necessarily, and here's why: HD quality music, that is alleged to sound better than CD quality that is the limit of what Sonos can handle, sounds better/different only because it has been remaster...

New Sonos Amp vs Sonos Connect with Sony Receiver

I find that making the centre speaker redundant is achieved even if the front L/R speakers are some distance away from the screen, as long as their placement conforms to the latter part of the above q...

Introducing Sonos Amp

That is what I would expect from a company of Sonos caliber. I too read some reviews that spoke about sound changes when using a Sonos Amp, but I passed those off as the usual reviewer thing of findin...

Introducing Sonos Amp

Other than defective units and/or out of phase wiring, there is no reason or excuse for this kind of behaviour, assuming also that the default position of all the EQ settings is flat, ie, in the centr...

Introducing Sonos Amp

You are quite right in that solid state amps of modern design that are well made - and this isn't rocket science any more, how to make these - don't make a difference. And there is nothing wrong with...

Updates to the Desktop Controller Coming Soon

I was away from here for a few months till I established good workarounds for my Dock that any upgrade of Sonos would cause it to become obsolete; having now done that, I see that this thread is still...

Amp and Totem

For a long time now it has been possible to make amplifiers that do not have any sound signature to them; as long as they are working within the limits of their designed performance, all sound the sam...

Sonos AMP with 4 (6 ohm) speakers

This is also an unfortunate choice of words by Sonos implicitly accepting that the Connect Amp is a toy. It is not and is in fact better than many 55 wpc HiFi amps around that cannot double that wpc t...

Sonos AMP with 4 (6 ohm) speakers

As a postscript to the above: many 8 ohm nominal speakers drop impedance to as low as 2 ohms at times; when this happens while sound levels are high for long times, amp/speaker damage can happen even...

It's 3.1 NOT 5.1

If the system has five channels and speakers dedicated to each of the five and one dedicated sub channel in addition, it is correctly called 5.1.

Sonos AMP with 4 (6 ohm) speakers

The advice in red, particularly with reference to Connect Amp damage, is new and a surprise; my understanding is that seeing a low impedance - which just means that the speakers are trying to draw mor...

Sonos Audio Quality

There is very possibly a difference that can be heard - but the key question to be answered is: Does this difference go away if the 24-192 version is downsampled and played via the same kit? Only if i...

Recommended music - other than classical and pop

In frequent recent play: Everything I Love, Sir Roland Hanna. Solo Jazz Piano of the highest quality both on performance and recording. Rarely has a piano sounded better outside of the real thing, the...

Introducing Sonos Amp

A question for first adopters: Some reviews claim/criticise a sound signature for the amp, which surprises me because I see no reason, including that of incompetence, for any well made solid state amp...

Improve the sound from you Sonos Connect

Using heat sinks may be extreme, but isn't quite in the same league of "error". Temperature reduction will result in longer life for sure, though to an unquantifiable extent and therefore may or may n...

Sonos Alexa Integration India

I have been able to link the account, and the My Speaker skill shows that the skill is enabled. But invoking the My Speaker command yields the message mentioned in the preceding post.

Sonos Alexa Integration India

I get a message saying that the companion app does not seem to have ever run on your network. What next?

Is there a way to ugrade a pair of Play:5s to make them work well with symphony music

If you know of third party speakers that deliver the sound quality you want, then the amp route will allow you that sound plus all Sonos benefits. But before you do this, be sure that these speakers a...

What is the best preamp to get for Marantz tt42

No, the play 5 has line in jacks that can take the wired inputs from the pre amp, so the Connect is not needed if this wiring can be conveniently done. As to the pre amp, these are largely commodities...

Updates to the Desktop Controller Coming Soon

The dock, set to autoplay with the play 1 while both are on a WiFi network, could then work as a music source for an iDevice connected to its 30 pin connector, without a WiFi network present; the dock...

iPhone/iPod Dock will be bricked nest update

Choose to not update anymore!

How to use the (discontinued) Dock for iPhone/iPod

But even with a NAS, the Dock still serves two useful purposes, the first being the ability to use Sonos where there is no WiFi network, just mains power. And two, to use music downloaded for offline...

Update on Sonos Dock functionality

It will be interesting to see how Sonos Support responds to a troubleshooting request for locked in systems - will they say they will only attend once it is updated to the latest greatest version? A m...

Update on Sonos Dock functionality

It is not an official Sonos document; I don't think Sonos likes anyone to lock down. But it is as complete as it needs to be, IMO. Basically, it seeks to achieve a prevention of accidental controller/...

Updates to the Desktop Controller Coming Soon

Not quite; since I have a good mix of Sonos kit, with enough line in jacks, I expect to use it till the hardware dies - hopefully many years from now, so there is no need for me to cut my nose to spit...


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