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Amazon Music playlist will only display 500 tracks in the SONOS desktop controller

Try my app instead (its in the Windows Store). I don't impose any limits on the sizes of lists, so unless it is a music service limitation it should work just fine for you.

Why no Music Library on Sonos One?

There are 3rd party solutions to playing your Sonos Library via Alexa.

PC app not loading

This doesn't look like a firewall issue to me, more like a .net or video driver issue. To begin with, uninstall the app and reinstall it, to ensure it wasn't corrupted somehow.

How does one add TuneIn Podcasts to "Sonos Favorites" or "My Sonos" ?

This works for me (on the PC controller). After "My Radio Shows", I chose "NPR Hourly News": it just has Info as you report, but when I click on the arrow I get "recent episodes", clicking on that get...

Side Speaker Cannot be Added Back

While I share your disappointment in the deletion of features from the Desktop controllers, I have to ask what you mean by "when a side speaker drops"? I'd recommend you submit a diagnostic when that...

Change duplicated name of a room?

Are you trying to use the Desktop controller? Sonos removed the ability to rename rooms from it. You'll have to use a mobile version, or a 3rd party PC app to rename rooms.

Values of ObjectID in UPnP when call to Browse

Just sniff the network of the official app, or just trial and error, or take a look at the various open source codebases that do this. "A:" gets you the Artists list, for example. There is no official...

New Siruis XM Channels not showing up in Sonos

Ask Sirius to make them available through their SMAPI endpoint.

Amazon Music Unlimited Canada

Not sure what kind of answer you are expecting. You have the official Sonos response at the top, and you have my entirely accurate, actionable response below. Sonos are not a music service company, Am...

Why is there a name length limit for naming speakers?

The underlying API does not enforce a limit on the names of players, the limit is imposed at the UI layer. In fact you can even give the same name to all of your players if you like! This will confuse...

Windows 10 Controller

Not really. The underlying code is cross-platform C/C++, but the Wizard framework that displays and runs all the screens involving Setup and Config has to be uniquely implemented on every platform. Wh...

Adding Line-In to Favorites Menu?

Several 3rd party apps support making Favorites from line-in sources. SonoPad/SonoPhone/Phonos Universal can all do this.

Amazon Music Unlimited Canada

Ask Amazon, its their music service, and their lawyers and engineers that determine this.

Sonos upnp servers

What format are the files in? There were some issues with Seek on FLAC files in the past (I think).

Streaming problem with Amazon Music

Change the password on the Amazon account then re-pair it with Sonos. Whatever the other use of the account is will definitely quit working.

Cannot connect to Sonos from PC

Make sure the WiFi network is set to Private and not Public. That can change when network configuration is changed (eg by adding a new card as you did).


As someone who has actually studied the source code to the CR100 and the Players, I can confirm jgatie's claims: no overlap. The CR100 used "embedded flash" as its platform, with a truly ugly interop...

Snooze does not work with Android app

Hopefully Support can figure out the other issue from the diags.

Using Audible sleep timer with Sonos speaker

Not sure what the Audible app has to do with anything - just use the Sleep function in the Sonos app.

Sonos in boost format, Logitech Pop cannot find Sonos.

This is a Pop question, not a Sonos question. (Or maybe an Orbi question). It is pretty trivial to detect Sonos players on a network, they use standard SSDP. Every router should support SSDP, though i...

Missing desktop controls in Windows 10 for 10.0

Weird. I can't even get my Taskbar to display text like yours ("Sonos" and the email titles), I just have icons on mine. We must have very different Taskbar settings.

Adding songs to Amazon playlist via sonos app - can I?

It is up to each music service whether they support this feature, and Amazon do not. Other music services do, eg Spotify.

Radio 4 dropping out of tunein intermittently

TuneIn is merely a directory service. Its the BBC you should be asking about problems with their stream.

Missing desktop controls in Windows 10 for 10.0

I think your device may be in Tablet mode. Can you post a screenshot of the "yellow balloon popup" (the PrintScreen button should capture it).

Using Alexa to play Spotify in different rooms

If you don't use Alexa but use the Sonos app directly, does that work? If it does, try my Alexa skill instead. I use a different tech than the official Skill, that is the same as the Sonos app.


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