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One of my rooms has disappeared from the app

If it can't be seen when hard-wired to the router, reboot your router. Do NOT factory reset anything, that will not be necessary.

2 Sonos Connect setups in separate rooms

You shouldn't need anything: the 2nd Connect should connect to the first wirelessly. Is the 2nd Connect new? You just need to Add it to your existing system using a *mobile* Sonos app. If the 2nd Conn...

Control sonos w/ TIDAL PC/Mac Program

Note however that I don't believe any music service has Sonos app integration on the Desktop, its all on mobile. There's no technical reason for this that I can see, but clearly Sonos aren't intereste...

Control sonos w/ TIDAL PC/Mac Program

That is a question for Tidal: they have to do the integration work.

Dolby Atmos

Um, the Playbar only has optical input: you cannot pass Atmos over optical. "You canna defy the laws of physics Jim".

Dolby Atmos

It is *impossible* for the Playbar/Playbase to support Atmos because of the optical input. Ditto Dolby Digital Plus. You can't fit a quart into a pint pot.

Beam audio output is Stereo only

Firstly check what the Sonos Beam is getting (this is buried in the About page in the Sonos app). Secondly check the Audio options on the TV to see what it thinks it is emitting.

Amazon Echo Link Network Audio Player and SONOS

What EXACTLY are you trying to do? That will assist in forming a suitable answer. If you want the Link to emit music in sync with your Sonos stuff, that isn't possible.

not getting connected to Saavn Pro.

Contact Saavn as they say their Sonos integration is in beta.

Volume control on playbar and playbase

Yes there is a volume control on those.

There is no "Add a Player of SUB" in Manage on my PC System

You would think that Sonos would keep the item on the Desktop app menu and then when folks click on it , tell them to use a mobile app. Removing the menu item guarantees confused customers, and a supp...

Disney Circle Killed My Sonos

Take one of your Sonos devices and hard-wire it to the router with an ethernet cable. That should let you change the wifi credentials your Sonos system uses to communicate. Do NOT factory reset anythi...

TV not outputting DD through optical out :(

Connect this between your source device and the TV:

Sonos speaker still not found by controller

To simplify initial setup, hardwire the speaker to your router and try that way. Once set up remove the cable (assuming you already have another Sonos device that will connect to it wirelessly)

Setting Max Volume or Gain On Sonos Amp

Sonos recently added a "max volume" setting per device, I assume that also works on the new AMP (I don't have one myself to verify).

Power cable to bridge died, replaced bridge, lost all my stuff

Ok, so things look promising. Add back your existing speakers, one by one, and they should just show up in the app without any reconfiguration, and they should have all your existing stuff on them. (K...

Random Starts

Ok we can add IFFT to the list of things that can cause random playback! Glad to hear you didn't need an exorcism.

Analog to Digital adapter

Wow, Samsung Indonesia do seem to have created a TV without any kind of digital audio output. The opposite of a "smart TV" in fact. Using the 3.5mm jack isn't practical, I'd get a different TV.

IKEA and Sonos

For sale? Where?? I saw an announcement that said August availability for the IKEA device(s).

Random Starts

Change your Spotify password to ensure no-one else is using that. Check your players for cat paw prints on the top of your speakers. Verify your Apple Watch isnt doing bad things. Get an exorcism for...

Volume decreases by itself

Has someone in the household set the Maximum Volume for your players? Its a new option introduced in 9.something.

Power cable to bridge died, replaced bridge, lost all my stuff

Before doing anything else, try this: 1. Remove the new Boost 2. Hard-wire one of your existing players 3. Fire up the app and connect to existing system - do NOT create a new household. Is your data...

Pandora station won't play

I was confused by your earlier statement "And like I said it happens from either the Pandora or Sonos app"

Dolby Digital?

Yes. The Apple TV asks the TV "hey what can I send you?". The TV sees it is emitting optical, and erroneously replies "DD 2.0". Putting the box in between them overrides this reply with "DD 5.1". (The...

Sonos App for Apple TV 4

You can pay $5 for Suono right now. It didn't work for me, but it might work for you.


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