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Missing desktop controls in Windows 10 for 10.0

Right click the taskbar and choose 'Taskbar settings.' Scroll down to the drop down labeled 'Combine taskbar buttons.' Set that to 'Never.'

Missing desktop controls in Windows 10 for 10.0

Here ya go.

Missing desktop controls in Windows 10 for 10.0

Good morning, Edward. No preview window appears at all. I do get a little yellow balloon pop up that says 'Control your media.'

Best NAS for Storing Ripped CDS and How to rip (Flac? Lossless?)

I used to rip to FLAC and determined that the extra drive space over 320 MP3 really wasn’t worth it... I personally couldn’t hear the difference between MP3 and FLAC. I have two 2 TB MyBookLive Duos....

Broken thread

Hi Keith. Yes, just this one. All other topics work fine. It happens to this one on three different browsers on two different computers.

Random play at night

The MP3 file that was played... where did it reside? It had to get onto your system somehow. Did you secure your router per the threads on here regarding Pewdiepie?

Sonos Community doesn’t stay logged in

Most of the sites I frequent I remain logged in. This site logs me out each and every time. The nuisance is when you get an email notification that a response has been provided in a thread you’re foll...

Random play at night

Just posting here so I can see how this one plays out.

Sonos controller update failing to install

Reboot your computer, temporarily disable your antivirus and antimalware and try installing again.

Last attempt to handle sound dropping from suspected network congestion

What is playing when it is dropping out? Are you streaming from the Internet or playing from your local library? If streaming from the internet, try playing from your local library and see if that dro...


I'm disappointed. They are really nothing more than what I have connected to my Connect driven receiver currently. And are 15 times the cost. Quick and easy way out for Sonos, and not even close to wh...

Songs on NAS not showing under artist name

It is really easy to retag with MP3Tag (at least by album/artist grouping). If you right click the folder you want to edit and choose MP3Tag, the contents of that folder will open in MP3Tag. You can t...

Sonos 5 stopped working

Sounds Ike a headphone jack problem. Do you normally use headphones with it? If so it’s probably worn and the problem is mechanical, especially if moving the connector around fixes it.

Problem with ID3 tags

When I have this problem I clear the tags using MP3Tag and then add them back in through Discogs and that fixes it. File/Delete tag in MP3Tag clears the entire table for the album.

Which Sonos for me !

I have a couple of Play:5s and a bunch of Play:1s throughout the house. I stream mainly from my local music library and sometimes through Sirius. Pleased with the quality of all pieces.

Songs on NAS not showing under artist name

Open the track in MP3Tag and click on it on the right. Then click File/Remove Tag. Save the file, then add the tag back in manually and see if that fixes it. I've had a few songs not show up properly...

You're Logged In Somewhere Else

You are, however, that doesn't mean Sirius ISN'T logged in on another Sonos device. I'm the only one here that has control (my wife hates the interface), and forgot that I left it playing on another f...

You're Logged In Somewhere Else

My guess is they logged off. A diagnostic next time it happens will let Sonos see where it was playing.

Error 1002 when there is a spreadsheet in my music library

I'm curious about how it is created. Is it an automated process? I create mine currently by outputting the folder contents to a text file and then opening it in Excel, which includes extraneous inform...

You're Logged In Somewhere Else

Channel 934? I just tried playing it and it worked fine. I couldn’t start it on any other zone then for the reason you stated. Sounds like it is playing somewhere else.

Error 1002 when there is a spreadsheet in my music library

I will try this tomorrow morning to see if I can duplicate it. What creates the spreadsheet? I’d be interested in compiling the contents of my local library.

You're Logged In Somewhere Else

Happened to me today. I had it playing in the office then accidentally started it in the kitchen and it shut down the office with that message. Started it again in the office and it killed the kitchen...

Alexa stopped responding Sonos One

When you say 'Alexa' does it bloop at you?

Connection to SiriusXM was lost

Thanks, AJ. Nice punishment. Everything else was working. Its back now.

Cannot add my NAS-based music library to Sonos controller under Windows 10

Not sure if you put in the extra spaces in your path on purpose or not, but if not, that could be the problem. There should be no spaces before or after the \. Besides that, can you get to that path...


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