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Connection to SiriusXM was lost

Thanks, AJ. Nice punishment. Everything else was working. Its back now.

Cannot add my NAS-based music library to Sonos controller under Windows 10

Not sure if you put in the extra spaces in your path on purpose or not, but if not, that could be the problem. There should be no spaces before or after the \. Besides that, can you get to that path...

Renaming Artists

lol. Mark it as the answer. I got rid of all the Album Artist tags. I just go by Artist.


Remove the Sonos app from your phone and reinstall it. That sometimes helps.


Kill the app and reboot your phone. Verify the WIFI is enabled and that you're connected to your WIFI network that Sonos is on. Restart the Sonos app.


Once you set the rooms, they stay set. They are easy enough to select/unselect in both the smart device and the desktop controllers. If your music collection is tagged properly, you simply have to cl...

Amazing Slow Downer

Sonos provides a development kit for companies to to be able to develop applications to interface with Sonos. Amazing Slow Downer would need to use that development kit to build in an option to output...

Amazing Slow Downer

Majik explained it precisely up there. Ultimately, it would be up to ASD to provide the output option to Sonos and use Sonos’ SDK to provide that option for it’s users. The audio stream output needs t...

Does new Sonos Amp allow you to attach spade terminals from your speaker wire?

How handy are you? Not sure about the connections on the new Connect, but on my original Connects I would build adapters to take them from spade connectors to phono plugs.


Problems in what way?

TV Audio Does not Duck

The Sonos One? It won’t mute. The volume just gets a little lower after the tone.

Sonos suddenly won’t work

Are you SURE the app is closed on the iPad? I had this problem and it was open on my wife’s ipad. As Keith suggested, force close it on your iPad. It has to be open and running somewhere.

Non Delivery of Product

Yup. Take your tracking number to your local Fedex facility. The package will be there late tonight for your retrieval tomorrow morning. You can call Fedex too for them to hold your package for you to...

Alexa keeps saying that she is not registered when I ask to play the radio

I had this a couple of weeks ago. Here is my thread about it. See if it helps you any:

Development question; VB.NET to play .MP3 or else a Radio Station

I'd give that Win8 code a try. Probably not much difference between that and Win7, if any at all. It can always be tweaked if it doesn't work.


Someone should be along shortly to help you get it all set up flawlessly, but I just wanted to add I had a real hard time getting a Night Hawk to work. I took it back and got a LinkSys.

Resolved - Losing connection to Sirius XM - Dec 7th

I can tell you that I've had it streaming all day long without a hitch. Don't know if that helps but just putting it out there...

Alexa groups question

Reread the original thread with a different understanding now because of your posts. Thanks for that. I originally misread it. The devices do have microphones, but will only turn the music down... not...

Alexa groups question

Thank you for the clarification. Yes, the Sonos One is the Alexa device. I'm in the office with the two Play:5s. Speaking to them doesn't do anything. To clarify, saying 'Alexa, play music' should sta...

Removing Songs from Music Library

You can’t. That section shows all indexed songs, which your playlist points to. You can remove them from the folder you put them in and reindex to get rid of them, but your playlist will no longer wor...

Why do I need to log in to my account to change room settings?

Yes they do. How else would they be able to state they removed features from the desktop app 'because a majority of users weren't using them'? There is no other way to know that.

Alexa won't play Amazon Music

I understand that. Back in June I made the email address change at Amazon and all related Sonos logins, including Alexa. Since then, it has reverted back to an email address that I was using back than...

Updates to the Desktop Controller Coming Soon

You just described my first Sonos experience... circa 2008. Ah the good old days.

Alexa won't play Amazon Music

Fixed this. I think. Poking around in the Sonos App for the Alexa settings I see my Amazon email address is the one I changed it from back in June. This is the third time I’ve had to remove the Sonos...

Alexa won't play Amazon Music

There’s an Alexa skill? I’m not seeing it. I have the Sonos skill and the SiriusXM skill. All that seems to be working again, but Alexa herself won’t play music from Amazon still.


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