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Using Sonos for tv and current speakers

Personally I too would suggest a Connect attached to your current setup. Sonos has a few downsides for amazing home theatre, so if your have a decent AV amp to plug your KEFs into then keep that and...

Trouble connecting the Connect:Amp

I think you may need to add a few more clues as to what your problem is - what stages have you done, what the Connect Amp is/isn't doing etc.

Updates to the Desktop Controller Coming Soon

I think removing the functionality from the PC app is a backwards step. I do have android devices so it is not a big deal for me, but when doing something technical I still prefer to use my PC. Goog...

Alexa woes

Can you not sort the issue by using an Echo Dot rather than an Echo Input? I tell my Dots what I want to listen to on my Sonos, but I don't have them linked with any cables - they act as a controller...

Sending phono signal from existing amplifier to SONOS Connect

As above, personally I would use the Connect in line with your amplifier, wired as though it were a cassette/tape player. Select CD or Phono on the amp and it should forward those inputs to the Conne...

What can I Connect to the Sonos Connect

As per Bruce. I have two Connects. Both are part of a traditional hifi system. They allow a non-Sonos system to integrate with Sonos as a multi room solution. I have Sonos speakers in my living ro...

Boost wired or not!

Cabling more is usually better. I personally have a router than cannot cope with more than one being wired, but I am in a minority. Your bridge and your boost are both devices used to help SonosNet...

Radio keeps cutting out

It will be some kind of wifi/router issue. First advice is usually to turn every device in your house off, then reboot one at a time slowly letting each device start up properly before starting the...

NAS to work on home Sonos system and on boat audio system

I would consider a second storage device. Leave your NAS at home and take a USB storage device to the boat. Assuming your boat is able to play music from any kind of USB device. I use my NAS to ba...

Cable length between Sound bar and TV

Assuming it is a digital cable, then simple physics says the signal either arrives or not. It's only binary. As to the theoretical limit of a cable before the binary doesn't make it, I have no idea....

How Does Pause Work In A Group?

On the app you might need to tap the group volume control to show up all the zones. And then just as John says, tap the speaker icon at the left of the slider control to mute. Good thread - I didn...

Playbar + Denon AVR-X2300W

I didn't google the manual, just an image of the back of the receiver to see the connections. It has 7 x HDMI in and 2 x HDMI out, marked as Monitor/Out with one of those labelled as ARC. I assumed...

Best Remote Control for Sonos, AppleTV and Vizio TV

I had heard that the Logitech Harmony system can control almost anything if you buy a top end system - IR and RF. I only have an IR Harmony though, so whilst it can control the TV, receiver, tivo box...

Sonos devices and Nest cam won't connect when WIFI is working

It sounds like you are on the right road. I have a microwave that can interrupt my Sonos - I have experimented and found a way round it. As well as moving your microwave, it may be worth trying to...

Playbar + Denon AVR-X2300W

Would you consider a Beam over a Playbar? The Beam has HDMI, which your Denon also has. This might mean you can connect and switch everything via your Denon.

3 Players, 2 stop working

There are lots of people unhappy that the Windows app now has limited functionality. I am coping, but I used to do things on the desktop app that I can no longer do.

Absolute rubbish product

Too right!

So many problems

Can you ethernet cable one of your Sonos components?

Surround Sound

Sorry, my brain has now linked your thread title with your question. I hadn't processed that as one item in my first reply! As far as I am aware you can't use one speaker as a surround speaker, you...

Beam failure

I'd get in touch with Sonos tech support.

Serious latency when trying to control Sonos. Further, often music cuts out

Good grief! I hope you enjoy the other parts of your life.

3 Players, 2 stop working

Sonos support is very good in my opinion. Have you submitted a diagnostic to them and interacted with them at all?

Surround Sound

The Play 3 plays both channels as a single speaker. Or as the answers above, you can get a second Play 3 and use them as a stereo pair with one playing the L channel and one playing the R channel

Absolute rubbish product

The original post is a year old, boys and girls.

I cant connect my pc

More info please. Connect as a source of library music? Connect as a controller with the app?


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