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Hi! First post here. Live in Norway, but I guess the details are the same all over. I currently own a Boost, Sub gen 2, Arc, 4 Sonos One and one Play: 3.

I’m thinking of replacing the Sonos One we have on the kitchen counter with a Move (gen 1) so I can remove the wire that makes a clutter, and be able to take it outside on the roof terrace.

I know that the Move can be charged through the docking station or via USB-C, but what I would like to know is if the wire connected to the docking station can be removed when it’s not used. I know that the adapter itself can be removed from the wire, but my question is if the wire is permanently conneted to the docking station or not. I was hoping that the Move can be places on the docking station permanently on the kitchen counter, but don’t want the wire to be attached to the station, unless I’m using it. The alternative is to keep the docking station somewhere else, and just charge via USB-C.


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The wire is permanently connected to the Move’s charging base.

Thanks! It seemed like it from the pictures, but the design was a little bit different from Move (1) to Move 2 charging base. And it looked like the wire on Move (1) could be loose. But just as easy to just charge with a powerful USB-C charger.