Trying to Connect Audio Technica Turntable to Sonos Move

  • 23 December 2022
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We managed to pair our Move with the turntable just now 


press the button on the top of the turn table till it flashes blue/red

switch the Sonos on press the long middle button to bluetooth mode, press and hold long buttons, light will flash looking for signal, when goes solid the turntable will turn to blue, then release the Sonos button and it will pair.

We had the record playing throughout so we knew when it was successful


really beautiful sound 


Do you have the Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT-S? Wow, if you do, if not, what brand/model do you have so I can return my Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT-SV and buy yours.  

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Does anyone know what Bluetooth turntable works with the Sonos Move? The Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT-SV definitely does not. It is not the same type of Bluetooth protocol. I can connect to older Bluetooth devices, including my old Alexa echo. So I know this turntable works, but it has old Bluetooth technology, I guess. I can’t connect to the Bluetooth input of my Samsung QLED 2022 TV either. No sense using buying a Bluetooth turntable if I have to buy another Bluetooth transmitter or connect to an input cable.

I have a Roam that is used as a paperweight because it has never worked reliably and I’ve quite trying as it simply never responds or works like most of the other great products.

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I had the same problem until today.

I just ordered a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver from amazon (here’s the link): I don't have much knowledge in the quality, but I switched the device to receiver mode (RX) which connected to the turn table, then plugged the receiver into the turntable and it worked somehow… 

I can’t talk too much about the quality of the sound as I just got my turn table, but it does not sound as good as a cheaper speaker my buddy gave me, that I connected via RCA cables. 

Just put the turntable into paring mode (flashing red and blue) and put the Bluetooth device in RX mode and hold the button until its also flashing (in pairing mode) then it should connect very quick. After plug the transmitter to the turn table via stereo output and turn the Bluetooth device to receiver by flipping the switch on the device. 

Again their might be a more simple method, but this worked for me. Also I don’t have any other sonos devices to connect through Bluetooth. 

Best wishes!!

Did you then return your Bluetooth turntable and buy a non Bluetooth for less money? 

My turntable still has a stereo port. I only have a Bluetooth speaker (sonos 5) currently. I can still connect other wired speakers and Bluetooth speakers to the turn table (audio-technica at-lp60xbt). However, I needed to purchase an Bluetooth/transmitter to connect the sons move, since it can not connect to the turntable (other Bluetooth and sonos speakers can, there are a few exceptions) by itself. 

If you have a SONOS FIVE, connect the turntable’s analog output to the FIVE’s Line-In. This Line-In can be selected to play on any combination of SONOS speakers, no Bluetooth is required.