Trying to Connect Audio Technica Turntable to Sonos Move

  • 23 December 2022
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Same issue here. Received turntable also as Christmas gift. Have tried multiple steps as documented. The Move and turntable don’t pair. If somebody gets it, please post. 

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The “best” thread I can find is this one:

in which Sonos support says “ Move supports both SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs, but not AptX “

Do you know what codecs the turntable supports? I can’t figure it out from their web site.

I’m also trying to pair both units and it’s seems not possible

It’s very frustated

Reading your response above, I'm not very happy with this answer

Do you have an alternative to solve this problem

Greetings Stephane

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That turntable supports the A2DP Bluetooth profile (and nothing else is listed on the web site).

From what I can tell (and its harder to determine than it should be) the Move does not.

I cannot be sure to both companies being extremely vague in their Specification details.

I have the same issue and have followed the same steps to pair the Move with the same Audio Technica turntable and it just won’t work. 
To test, I paired the turntable with a Bose Mini speaker and also Amazon screen speaker thingy and they both paired swiftly. 
Am frustrated that it won’t pair with the Move as the turntable was a Christmas gift for my son.
Any ideas/tricks to get these two to pair most welcome. 
Merry Christmas all! 

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Follow these steps:

1. Press the Bluetooth button once on the back of the Move to switch to Bluetooth Mode. The Move will chime and the LED on top of the speaker will turn blue.

2. Press and hold the Bluetooth button to enable pairing mode. The Move will chime again and the LED will flash blue.

3. Press the Wireless Function Button on the turntable to begin the pairing process. The LED will flash blue.

4. Press and hold the Wireless Function Button until the LED flashes red and blue. Release the button.

5. The LED will turn solid blue on both devices and you will hear a chime on the Move when the connection is complete.