Sonos Move repeatedly goes offline

  • 6 March 2022
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I enjoy most of my Sonos products and they usually work well. The Sonos Move is a big fail, in my opinion. I have multiple Sonos products (Play5’s, Play3’s, a One, aPort, a Playbase) on SonosNet, except, of course, the Move, which frequently goes offline and cannot be brought back without a reboot. I believe that the fundamental flaw is that the “Mixed” SonosNet/wifi does not work. I have a Linksys Velop system with SonosNet on a dedicated channel (11). The Move often goes offline, sometimes after being used in a different location, sometimes if a node has to be reset, or sometimes for no apparent reason.  The only thing that works is resetting the Move and adding it as if it were a new component.  It’s easier than taking down my whole network with a router reboot - which is NOT an adequate answer. Sonos always want to know what router you are using, what bands, what channels and other details that don't really matter. The Move apparently needs the option to be on the SonosNet like every other Sonos product. Until then, it’s just a large heavy expensive bluetooth speaker.

1 reply

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I have 10 Sonos devices including the Move on a “mixed SonosNet/WiFi” setup. My Move is the second most used speaker in the house and works flawlessly. The issues with your Move probably have more to do with your specific network setup.