Sonos Move goes missing from app & still connected to WiFi

  • 20 September 2020
  • 3 replies

My Sonos Move goes missing & it’s still connected to Wi-fi. Keep having to reboot speaker. 

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3 replies

Hi Steve, I had this issue after a recent update to my Sonos Move. Spent an hour troubleshooting with Sonos support and they determined that I needed to switch off my Philips Hue light bridge. Not the best solution as that would leave me with no lights in the house :D

I did a little more troubleshooting on my own and found that the Hue lights use a Zigbee wifi network and this was potentially interfering with the Sonos wifi network.

I changed the Hue (Zigbee) network to channel 25 and the Sonos network to channel 1 and my wifi network to channel 11. This gave the most separation between the Zigbee and Sonos networks. So far so good, the Sonos Move now remains in my app across all my devices.

Thanks for replying, I have tried this but it didn’t resolve the issue. 

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I had this exact problem. I reset the Move and reconnected to my WiFi and it went away. Worth a try.