Sonos Move flashing red battery light

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Same problem here. Battery >80% and it start blinking red for the rest of the day. It works fine. 

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I have the same problem.   My Move is flashing red.  It shows its battery is at 82%. 
The music is still playing. 

here’s the diag number:  1452441690



The light was flashing Red on the front - It had over 80% of charge per the Sonos app and was off the dock for maybe 1 hour or so and was fully charged. It never flashed orange and went straight to red out of nowhere.


The red light stopped immediately as soon as I placed the Move back on the dock, I will see if it does it again today.

I am seeing no errors in this diagnostic, other then the battery reaching depletion. Is the LED light flashing Red, or or Amber?

How long is the Move off of the charging dock for?

Flashing Amber indicates that the Move is low on battery, and needs to charge. The Move will continue to play audio. However, if the battery depletes enough, it will turn off until it has been recharged. 

My audio is still going and the light is flashing as I type this. Here is my confirmation number - 985562459

For me the audio stopped but I was able to restart it. FYI I have a case open 01839724. 

Hello everyone. I am sorry to hear that you are all having issues with your Moves. When the light is flashing red, does audio continue to play or does it stop? 

Can you all take a moment and submit a diagnostic report (preferably when it is flashing, or shortly after)when you have a chance, and reply back with the confirmation number? 

Just notice mine doing it. Seems to be working but had stopped playing without being told to and a few days ago had a Max volume moment. 

I’ve emailed support as requested. 

Exact use case as mine. Had my Move back in the deck last night after resetting it and charging it and no red light.

It played fine with/without blinking red. I did though have trouble reconnecting to the app on red night, and I believe ( but can’t recall) that it went into fault after reconnecting. 

BTW, mine played just fine as well

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I’ve had the same issue with my Move and I think you’re now the third person on the forum reporting the same issue.

In my case, I just placed it on the dock to charge it and the issue with the blinking red light disappeared. It’s been weeks since this happened and never occurred again.

BTW, not sure about you, but in my case the Move kept on playing music just fine while the red light was flashing.