sonos move connection to boost

  • 8 March 2023
  • 5 replies


I have a new Move, when I set it up it has connected to my home Wi-Fi not Sonos through boost. How can I change this?




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5 replies

The portable speakers and new Era speakers use standard WiFi, not Sonosnet. 

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“Portable Sonos products cannot connect to the dedicated wireless network created by Boost.”

Ok how do I get around the fact that sometimes I can’t see it or control it from the Sonos app?


We need mor information about your network and how you are using MOVE. Are you powering down MOVE. Do you have any other SONOS components? Are they wired? Wireless? Which model router are you using? Are there any WiFi extenders or mesh points?


i have gen 1 beam, gen 2 play 5, play 1 and a new move.

I have sky ultra fast Wi-Fi with a Sonos boost hard wired to the router.

all speakers show connected to Sonos network I.e WM0! The move connects to the Wi-Fi router I.e WM1.

This means that it doesn’t appear in the Sonos app (only sometimes) so I am unable to control it with that.

all of my Sonos speakers are not hard wired. I do not power the move down. No Wi-Fi extenders.