Resolved - TuneIn Radio: Unable to browse on Sonos - 07/28/17

When I click Tune In I get 'Unable to Browse Music' displayed - how do I solve this?

Best answer by Andy B 28 July 2017, 16:12

Hey Everyone,

The issue affecting TuneIn on Sonos has been resolved. Please let us know if you're still having troubles and include a diagnostic so we can take a look.
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Have you checked that all the Sonos Units are updated and on the same version? That can sometimes cause issues.
How Do I check all the Sonos Units?
Hi, I'm also having issues getting the BBC radio stations to work today? they worked fine yesterday? Anyone know what to do?
My speakers are up to date. Only tuneIn doesn't work. I can stream music of my tablet. Is there a problem with tuneIn?
Down for me as well. 😞
TuneIn not working for me either and I did not recently update any software. I can stream music files on my android phone and on my Mac, but no TuneIn.

Edited to add: All other apps working. Just not TuneIn (which is the #1 app I use with Sonos.)
I just read at the supportsite that tuneIn is down
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Yes, same here - all TuneIn stations unavailable.
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Hello everyone,

There is a temporary service outage affecting TuneIn on Sonos. You may have trouble browsing TuneIn radio when attempting to use the service. We’re currently working with our partner TuneIn and will update you here once we will have more to share.
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According to the Announcements page the Tune In issue has now been fixed
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I thiink it's starting to come back but it finds some but not others - then won't play stations it was OK with a minute or two previously.
Mum diddley washing. 🙂
Hi....same with me all radio unable to play.....was playing up to 2 hours ago then suddenly stopped?
all Sonos units and apps are updated to latest (Alpha)......
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Yep! tunein is not working for my either.
tune in is not working for a few hours
Hi - just upgraded Sonos today (after it nagged me for a week) and now no Tunein radio. I get a mixture of messages, some say 'invalid song format' when I select the station or, when I go to browse stations it says 'no music available' Tunein was working just before the upgrade. Don't tell me its a TuneIn problem - its working fine through my phone and bluetooth speaker. This is the end of the road for me and Sonos, I have been waiting for TWO YEARS for Audible support, still not there. Unlike many competitors, there is NO bluetooth support so cant use them as bluetooth speakers. In the meantime I have been using Sonos as my radio and its been fine. Now I will be unplugging the two units and putting them up for sale - hopefully I will find some takers.
this is not a reliable service.
keep getting problems with tuneIn all the time.
sonos - people!!!- can't you fix this issue once and for all?!!
Sonos Team people. TuneIn isn't working. What's up? Please, please fix!
Can't get radio on Sonos. Can send music from iPad to Sonos. Can listen to radio on iPad on Internet (not using Sonos). Is it possible to send the live internet radio from iPad to Sonos?
Just working again
As stated at the top of the forum, there is a temporary outage on TuneIn. Sonos and the TuneIn staff are working on it. Note: The thread in the Announcements section that states the TuneIn issue is resolved is from many months ago. Someone bumped it due to the current issue, but the "RESOLVED" status was from 03/23/17.
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It's a Tunein issue ... not available on Alexa also.
Oldsteel, can you email me if you want to sell your speakers?
When I click Tune In I get 'Unable to Browse Music' displayed - how do I solve this?
TuneIn radio still out, can not browse, not in Music Services
How long will it take to get this problem resolved?