Resolved: Problems with Sonos Alarms for 12/31/16 - Updates Inside

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And here's another 'me too'.
Radio came on at 06:55am and wouldn't go off. Eventually resorted to removing power from the Sonos box for much of the day, reconnected and straight back into the radio.
So then found this forum, deleted all alarms and finally have control back again.
Tried recreating just one alarm but it immediately kicks in playing it so deactivated the alarm.
Hoping for a fix soon as I would like to rely on the alarm again!
1) Whenever I create a new alarm (regardless of the trigger time I set) the music I select for the alarm immediately starts playing and can't be stopped except by deleting the alarm altogether. Pausing with the pause button stops the music then it immediately restarts within a second or so.

2) Whenever an existing alarm is triggered the same thing happens, but usually the music restarts itself before the first song is even finished. Please help!::@
I spent a couple of hours fiddling this morning and by chance found the solution - thanks for the community's confirmation, explanations and hints. BUT... I'd have hoped that by now SONOS would have either been able to put a brief update online, or better still, have settled the problem.
Same problem here. I deleted all of my alarms for now since that seems to be the consensus for fixing it for the time being
Think I'm in the same boat, my playbar refuses to do anything but play tunein radio. Even after deleting all alarms the only way to stop it is to unplug!
Me too! My system is messed up. I turned off my alarms and was able to regain control... for now anyway.
Disabling all the Saturday and weekend alarms worked for me. Wow - it was like the system was possessed - I disconnected every device from the power and booted them one by one and as soon as a specific one of them came online, it took over and was unstoppable - had be running around for a couple hours.
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I have the same problem, starting yesterday. I even factory reset the unit, but as soon as it rejoined my system, the problem came back. As a temporary workaround, disabling or deleting the alarm stops the problem, but if I recreate the alarm after deleting it, the problem comes back. Something somewhere (in the cloud, I suspect) is messed up.

Surprised that a) this slipped through QA, and b) Sonos is making major software updates to their service during the xmas holiday season. I work at a consumer electronics company, and we are on change lockdown until early January.
Nobody is mentioning varying volume. Up and down every 5 to 10 seconds. You can just watch the slider bar moving on its own. Am I alone on that problem? Went away when I cancelled the alarms.
Nobody is mentioning varying volume. Up and down every 5 to 10 seconds. You can just watch the slider bar moving on its own. Am I alone on that problem? Went away when I cancelled the alarms.

Yup, mine does the weird volume thing too. I think I've heard some songs restart by themselves too.
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I had the same problem but I was able to get my Play:1 to stop by pressing the Play button and the volume down button simultaneously. I cannot change the music, etc. but at least it stopped without having to delete alarms.
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Yet another me too. Started happening at about 17:30 UK time. I have alarms on multiple Play 5's one of them so far has experienced this problem. Have just disabled the alarm for that specific speaker (not deleted it) and seems to have fixed the problem.

Sonos - please can you fix this ASAP as I want my alarms back! Thanks.
Same problem for me. Waiting for the fix.
I am having the same issue (automatic firing of SONOS alarms at unexpected time, cannot stop playing as it automatically restarts). My setup consists of three Play:1, one Playbar w/ SUB and one Play:5. I could track down the issue to alarms firing on Saturday (on some speakers, I have set up alarms for Mo-Fr and separate alarms for Sa-Su). Disabling the weekend alarms worked. Even just restricting the alarm to Sunday (un-ticking Saturday) helps. So tomorrow I will not be waking up 😉 Removing radio stations and all that stuff had no effect. I would suppose this also to be related to 31-December 2016 (which is the last day in a leap year).
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Our apologies again for the abrupt morning everyone. We're working to get this issue of unstoppable alarms fixed right now. If you have one still going, go to Alarms and disable any alarm that would start today or tomorrow (including daily alarms). Then, you can stop your music as normal. If disabling the alarm doesn’t do the trick, deleting them entirely will.

We’ll let you all know as soon as this has been resolved entirely.
same problem and it just started today on 1230
In my case I have alarms associated with 3 players but only two misbehaved. Only the players associated with the alarms were affected. Disabling the alarms has brought the system back under app control - did not need to delete the alarms.
Same problem!! This is critical problem, because Sonos is my main morning alarm. Please fix ASAP.
My diagnostic number is 694227.
Same issue here, volymen increase although muted. Alarms deleted but Sonos randomly turns on been doing so every other hour or so since 6:00 am (nice to be woken up on your day off!)
Same problem. Only alarms set for Saturday (31st Dec) are an issue for me, regardless of room, time or music selected. Just disabling Saturday alarms has shut mine up.
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Same issue here, volymen increase although muted. Alarms deleted but Sonos randomly turns on been doing so every other hour or so since 6:00 am (nice to be woken up on your day off!)

Make sure any alarm set for today or tomorrow is turned off. That will prevent it form starting.
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I have a playbar, a play5, several play3s and several play1s. I too experienced the inability to turn off my alarm this morning. Only my alarms that include Saturday are impacted. I was able to stop the alarm by disabling or deleting it. Creating a new alarm for any component that included Saturday (even Daily) resulted in alarm starting to play.
I have confirmed that (at least on my system) the issue only occurs if I have an alarm active for Saturday. I have tested by adjusting existing alarms and it is only when an alarm is for Saturday or includes Saturday in its repeat that the issue occurs. Furthermore, I can confirm that I did not need to remove the alarm to stop the issue. You only need to disable the alarm and clear the queue to stop the repeat.
Since this morning, we’ve been getting reports that some Sonos alarms are not turning off after being stopped on the player.

We’re sorry if this has affected you. Our teams are looking into it as we speak and we'll post updates here as soon as we have more to share.

In the meantime, we recommend disabling or deleting any alarms that you have set from your Sonos app that won't turn off.

I changed the clock from Internet date and time to my manual set of Nov 3, 2016 and current time. That solved the problem for me. The problem seems to be related to the last few days of the leap year, Y2K+17.
hi, have the same problem here but hadn't read this post earlier. i reset the sonos 5 to factory default, and now couldn't set up the system any more... does anyone have any idea how to solve the problem? many thanks!