Resolved - Pandora stops playing on Sonos

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Has anyone come up with a reason why Pandora stops playing while other services are ok? I’ve been having this issue for a very long time, submitted diagnostics to Sonos support only to be told to uninstall and then reinstall Pandora. Not only did that not fix the problem but now I am unable to play Pandora through the Sonos app. I get an error message and have to go directly through the Pandora app in order to play Pandora through Sonos. I don’t have this issue with any of my other music apps, just Pandora.

Best answer by Ryan S 3 January 2018, 23:40

Hi everyone, there've been a few more changes today and we believe the cause of the issue has been resolved now. Go ahead and test out Pandora on Sonos and let us know if you run into any errors. If you do, I'd suggest that you give us a call on our support line so we can confirm if this is still acting up or if something else is affecting your system.
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Diagnostics ID collected after Pandora stopped unexpectedly: 8195509. Thanks, Rob
My Pandora music stops playing irregularly. No rhyme or reason. Diagnostic 8196812
I’ve been having the same problem after adding another Play 1. Diagnostic: 8196942
Same problem here. Android app shows no music. Starts with a new track when i press play. The stop has happened several times in about 3 hours on a single "station."
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I'm having the same issue: Pandora unexpectedly stops while streaming through Sonos player(s). Occurs several times a day now. Press play and it starts up again. It just happened again. Diagnostic sent with confirmation number 8197033. Thanks, Darren
It doesn’t matter how I access it. I have a Mac, iPad, iPhone, Windows desktop, and an Android phone. Same issue.
Yep, been having the same issue off an on since the last update (couple of weeks). It just stops when playing. No one else is using my account. Press play again and all is fine - until it stops again. 8198704
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My Pandora service has been stopping after a few songs too since the last update. Sometimes it will one or two songs then stop. Other times it will play for about an hour and stop.
When I'm using my computer a message pops up on the Sonos application that says Service Unresponsive.
I also find that sometime a song will start for a couple seconds then stop. All I have to do is push Play again and it will start playing Pandora again.

I'll send a diagnostic next time. It shouldn't be long.
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Diagnostic info 8199073. Pandora stopped after starting a song for about a second then said service unresponsive.
Same here
This is has been happening to me too, it stops playing multiple times within a few hour window. I can immediately press play and music resumes, but of course I'm missing the longer continuous play!
I'm having the same issue. Seems to be since the last firmware upgrade. All other services (radio, local songs) are fine. Will send diagnostic next time it happens.
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Just stopped mid-song for at least the 4th time today. Diagnostic number: 8200222.
Mine has been stopping after every 4 or 5 songs
I am new to the community. Having the same issues. Yesterday we tried closing the app and it played for quite a while but tonight, it stopped after about 15 minutes. Is there a way to subscribe to these threads so as other people post, you can receive updates without having to come back to the site and check?
Just quit again on me after about 10 minutes. Diagnostic 8204340
My Pandora is also pausing for no reason. Any answers to this issue? I only listen to Pandora. May return and get bose. Deal with bluetooth if this is just life with sonos.
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I'm having the same problem of music stopping (well before the 4 hour time limit). Diagnostic 8208791. In my error log it usually says Unable to play " -service unresponsive, or it will say Unable to play 'song title' - the connection to Pandora was lost.
Had another stoppage. Diagnostic # 8208982
Same here. Seemed to happen with the last update, but that's just a guess. Spotify works just fine and will stream non-stop all day. Pandora quits at completely random times from minutes to hours!
Same here. Pandora quits at completely random times from minutes to hours! Seemed to happen with the last update, but that's just a guess. Spotify works just fine and will stream non-stop all day. I wonder if this is related to the new timer cap? Perhaps they aren't resetting the clock properly when music starts playing?
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Yes, the 8.2 update broke Pandora control. I have been working with Sonos support on this for weeks now, with no resolution.

Same problem—Pandora will just stop and go to the "No Music" state after a random number of songs.

I installed the latest update (8.2.2) last night hoping that would fix the problem, but alas, no. I awoke to Pandora this morning and it played for 37 minutes before I had to restart it. When I got out of the shower is had stopped once again.

My Sonos system had been playing Pandora beautifully for years, and is used almost exclusively for that purpose. I'm not sure why Sonos is not taking my (our) problem report seriously.
This is pretty ridiculous. EVERYBODY I KNOW that has SONOS uses Pandora and they are all experiencing the same issue. SONOS needs to get on top of this and soon!
Yes this happened with Pandora yesterday after 2 o3 songs. i sent a diagnostic but forgot to post it here. Next time it happens i will post
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I was crossing my fingers when the new update dropped yesterday too. But, unfortunately, all my wired Sonos Connect Amps stopped again this AM within a few minutes of each other (I have a few different zones playing different Pandora stations). Diagnostic submitted again: 8212416