Resolved - iHeart Radio not playing - January 2018

iHeart radio not playing on Sonos, also not able tolog into iHeart Radio website or app

Best answer by Ryan S 8 January 2018, 21:36

Ok, it was resolved a few days ago, but we wanted to make sure this was sorted out. iHeart radio playback on Sonos is good to go. Please let us know if you see anything else.
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I have the same issue. I'm able to add and configure other services, but iheartradio just bombs every time I try to add it. I've even tried setting up a new iheartradio account, thinking that could be the issue. No luck.
I lost iHeart Radio stations today. When trying to reauthorize, I get error, suggesting I contact Sonos Customer Support (which has 30 min. plus wait today). Anyone have solution to this problem.:@
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Hi guys, there's currently an outage with iHeart radio stations on Sonos. We're working with their team to get this resolved.
Ryan, could we get a top level (Announcements) thread on this, please?
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What an unacceptable way to notify your users of a widespread outage. Instead of being proactive and letting your customers know of such a device failure, you make them hunt and search in order to find some half-baked notice from "Ryan S", the Community Manager. Tell me Sonos, how many of your customers use the iHeart integration on a daily basis? Not enough to be bothered to reach out first? No problem however to email me marketing material to buy new Sonos products. FAIL!!!
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Ryan, could we get a top level (Announcements) thread on this, please?
Already on it. We're going to use this thread as the announcement. And there should be a banner up pointing to it from the front page of the community.

We would have had this up earlier, but the community has been having some trouble today and we were unable to post an outage notification when it started up. We'll be directing people here to notify them of when the outage is resolved.
What trouble was that?


Thanks, sir!
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iHeart radio playback on Sonos should now be back up and going. Please let us know if you see anything else.
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A new outage has just started up now for iHeart Radio on Sonos. We're going to use this thread for the issue again, so please feel free to follow it for updates when the issue is resolved.
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Ok, it was resolved a few days ago, but we wanted to make sure this was sorted out. iHeart radio playback on Sonos is good to go. Please let us know if you see anything else.
iHeart radio playback on Sonos should now be back up and going. Please let us know if you see anything else.
I am unable to connect to iHeartRadio through the Sonos app today as it says it’s lost the connection. Other radio stations work fine
Also I keep getting a ‘playback from “ was stopped because playback was started from another room or device’ message when attempting to use Spotify and or Pandora.
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Hey Dan, this outage should be resolved, but we'll look into it to make sure there isn't another one starting up. The playback on another device can come up if you are using your account on your mobile device and on Sonos, or if you start a station through Alexa, and then try to use another stream on another device.

As to iHeart, are you having trouble with just one radio station or all stations? Think you could submit a diagnostic from your Sonos system and reply back with your confirmation number?
Hi Ryan,
Thanks for the quick reply. I have the other apps on my phone shut down and have tried opening them strictly through the sonos app but still get the same message. As to the diagnostics I have sent them through and the confirmation number is 8347099.
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Thanks, looks like you'd be best off giving us a call on our support line. You can give that confirmation number to the team and they'll help look into it from here. Before you call, it'd be good to reboot your PLAYBAR (by unplugging it for a few seconds) and try again, just to make sure.
Hi Guys,

I am still having issues with iheart radio on sonos. Until a few days ago no issues. Now I am unable to stream stations from the USA— I am located in Australia.

I cannot search for non-Australian based stations. Sonos iheart link only searches Australia. Used to be able to search worldwide. Now only Australian states offered if I try to navigate to stations.

The stations I have previously saved (from outside Australia ) will not play. I keep getting ‘unable to browse music’

All other aspects (Apple Music, my own music) work fine.

The iheartradio native app is working fine on my iOS and Mac devices. It’s only when I go to iheart via sonos that I am unable to play the iheart radio stations.

So this means I cannot stream Iheart radio to sonos at the moment.

The station I have been trying to stream is

Star 101.9 from Honolulu Hawaii

Would appreciate advice on how to:

1. Stream non-Australian iheart stations through sonos.
2. Search for stations outside Australia.

Can’t search or play Radio Hauraki (New Zealand) from Sonos app. It’s also gone from the My Stations section. I’m in Bangkok Thailand. Problem started two days ago.

Seems similar issue to ElBarto

Just wanted to say it appears that there’s still issues?

Hey G

Last day or so my USA streams are working.

But still can only search Australian states through Sonos iHeartRadio radio.

IHeartRadio app on iPhone still allows me to search USA Australia or NZ


STILL having issues keeping a connection for more than 15 minutes with IHeartRadio but tunein works perfect fine with zero interruptions. We love IHeartRadio due to no commercials and ongoing streaming music. Any resolution to this issue? We know it has nothing to do with WiFi connection. Thanks all
Just curious as to how you know it has nothing to do with the wifi connection? It's been stated before that each service has a different tolerance to how much potential interference it can deal with, so it seems excluding that as a possibility is rash.

I think you might be best served if you were to submit a system diagnostic, and call in to Sonos to discuss the issue.
Airgetlam; we have submitted over 2 dozen diagnostics and there are no issues when using live radio stations only when playing artists and than artists of that genre???
Great. How did you notify Sonos as to what the issue was that they would be looking for in the data in those diagnostics? The last time I submitted one, probably a couple of years ago now, there was no text field in which I could explain what issue should be looked for in the data. I had to post the number of the diagnostic here in these forums in order for them to understand what issue I was asking them to look for. I suppose my other option would have been to call in and discuss it with the in a call.

Unless this process has changed, I highly doubt that they look at diagnostics without a prompt. There is likely to much data to scan through to find an unexplained issue, and I imagine there’s a high level of “oh, I was just seeing what it would do, I don’t really have an issue.”

So, if you’ve given those diagnostic numbers to them in a call, a tweet, or a thread, that’s outstanding. But if you haven’t, I’d certainly recommend that you do so.

I hope they can resolve this issue for you!