Resolved - Apple Music continually renewing - March 27th

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Sonos has dumped Apple Music. I keep getting asked to renew my account.

It seems to be an on and off problem. Has anyone discovered the issue or is it just a matter of waiting?

Best answer by Ryan S 28 March 2018, 00:09

Hi everyone, we've fully confirmed that the Apple Music renewal issue has been resolved at this time. If you have any further trouble, please feel free to join the discussion on another thread.
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Having this issue today in the US. First time for me. Makes my Sonos useless 😃
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I can play off the "on my phone" tab... otherwise no tunes. It seem to be an error that pops up every now and then. Shame there's no audio in...
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Ask to renew membership while it is still active
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My diagnostic number is 1182808739
Sonos is telling me I need to renew my Apple Music membership but I'm current. What can I do to get hooked back to Apple Music?
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Hi everyone, we're looking into an issue with Apple Music right now where the accounts are stuck renewing Authorization.

We'll let you know here when the issue has been resolved.
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Thanks Ryan. Very fast... cheers
Yeah, All family members suffering ‘please renew Apple Music’ in the UK. Appreciate you guys jumping on it quickly. Will keep an eye on this thread for resolution.
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Hi, seems to be problem for a bunch of people. Sonos have already flagged as an issue. It's just a glitch.
I have the same issue, was working until about 15 minutes ago and now nothing. Have tried reauthorising Apple Music, no luck. Based in the UK if that’s relevant.
I am in the UK with several connect amps and have just received the same message - I have been using Apple Music with Sonos for 18 months without any issues. Can someone help? My diagnostic number is 867137452
I am experiencing the same problem. Apple Music is current. I have tried removing and adding the service to the Sonos App. I am located in San Diego, CA and receive internet through Spectrum. It looks like this was a problem a year ago in Australia and the provider and location played a part in it.
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Sonos are on it guys. Seems to be a UK issue. It's an occasional error. They seem to fix it pretty quickly.
Same issue here in Canada.
Right behind you...same issue in Denmark. Apple ID works perfectly outside of SONOS, and just can't get it to reconnect.
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Ah, its everywhere... Sonos are on it. They posted my original query in the Announcements
Same here in NYC can't play Apple Music through my setup right now.
Apple Music on Sonos also issues in the Netherlands and not working. :@
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London calling - :@:@ well cant play that or anything... boooo!
Same issue in Melbourne
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Same issue here in France with an iTunes US account.
Same problem. Have tried all recommended solutions with no luck. How is this still an ongoing issue after several years of people having this issue?

Diagnostic #: 1536383262
Same issue in Germany. Also here appeared just a few hours ago and no chance of playing any music from my Apple account...:@:
Same issue here in Canada using an iTunes CA account
I'm experiencing the same issue as well in San Diego.