Resolved - Alexa Not Talking to Sonos, January 2018

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We're working with the Amazon Alexa team right now on some trouble getting Alexa to talk with Sonos. You might be unable to link Alexa with Sonos during Voice Services setup option. Also, Alexa is going to have trouble controlling Sonos or playing music and discovering Sonos rooms.

We'll post here when it's been resolved, and in the mean time, you can continue to use your Sonos devices via our Sonos App.

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As of now, Alexa should be back up on Sonos again. Sorry for the interruption.
I got connected, but now it says "I'm having trouble understanding right now" on my Sonos One. I can play music through the Alexa App on the Sonos though. Just Alexa seems out.
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Hi Linthorn, Alexa on Sonos should be up and running now. If you're still having trouble, I'd suggest working through some of the standard Alexa troubleshooting. Some really great Alexa and Sonos troubleshooting steps to start with are here.
No Joy. I can control it through the Alexa App, the Sonos App, but not voice. She keeps saying she can't understand.
I went through the process of giving Alexa the SONOS skill and linking my SONOS account but when I ask her to: Alexa, play music for meditation in the Living Room (the name of my SONOS AMP) Alexa does not recognize that as a speaker.
I did a factory reset and forgot the device in Alexa. Set it up like new and now it works completely.
I have gotten Alexa to play over my SONOS system. I had to add Amazon Music (my default music source in Alexa) to SONOS. However I had already been able to play Amazon Music with SONOS so I don't know why I had to add it again. In any case, I find that Alexa can understand one Amazon Music Station (Liguid Mind) but when I ask to play the station 'Atmospheric Electric' it plays Electronic music. But this seems now to be a problem with Alexa not SONOS now.
I have a Sonos one and 2 Sonos connects. If I say Alexa play Sonos. It says to enable Sonos skill and rediscover devices. But that has been done and no devices were found. I can play thru the Sonos app no problem.
Having trouble on several Sonos Ones at two different locations with two different accounts. Spotify is set up as the primary music source on all. No issues until early today.

At one location (mom's) with her account, "Alexa, play 50's music" doesn't do anything. However, "Alexa, what is the time" works. Also, starting play via the Spotify app works. However, "Alexa, stop" does not. After using the pause button on top of the Sonos One, "Alexa, play 50's music from Amazon music works."

At the other location (my house) and different account, on one Sonos One with spotify playing, "Alexa, stop" has no effect. On another, "Alexa, play Jimmy Buffett on Spotify" works. However, the "Alexa" command with Spotify playing does not get the acknowledging tone from the device.

Are you sure everyone has everything fixed? Only started today and two locations with two accounts doesn't seem like something changed at this end.
So that's even more interesting. No declared outage. No changes. Yet things just work this morning.
I would doubt transient outages, say less than an hour as a guess, probably don’t get mentioned. Especially when the board moderators may not be at work, like on a holiday weekend, etc.