Outage - Deezer on Sonos in UK on VirginMedia - April 26th, 2017 - Resolved

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Hi everyone, the title says it all.

There's an issue playing Deezer music on Sonos in the UK for people using the VirginMedia Internet Service Provider. It started up a couple days ago, and recently it's been getting more regular. We're working with both Virgin and Deezer on this one to track down where the issue is cropping up and to get it resolved.

In the meantime, if you are a subscriber of Deezer and are having trouble playing music on Sonos and a subscriber to Virgin, this is likely the cause. If you aren't in the UK, or not a subscriber of VirginMedia, this won't be affecting you and any trouble playing Deezer music is going to be caused by something else. If that's the case, feel free to make a new thread here and let us know what's going on. You can also include a diagnostic number from your Sonos system.

We'll update this thread when it's been resolved.

Thanks for your patience!

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No update yet ? This hasn't been working since the evening of 23rd - over 40 hours - hope those Virgin guys have it somewhere on their priority list
Havent been able to use Deezer for 3 days now. How much longer?
I have the same problem, started this morning. I've logged it with Virginmedia
Same problem here. Hope Deezer are going to refund part of this month's subscription??
Yep also been having the issue since yesterday - my house is horribly silent. Any updates on estimated time to fix?
I've been having the same issue for 3 days. All I've heard is that they know there is an issue and are working on it. Don't know if they know exactly what the problem is or how long we can expect to wait for a fix. Not great, but what can you do other than wait?
I posted the same on Sonos' FB page and support has connected up with my pc to try and assist Virgin Media in resolving the problem (sorry Deezer!)
I posted the same on Sonos' FB page and support has connected up with my pc to try and assist Virgin Media in resolving the problem (sorry Deezer!)

Is that providing any clues as to which the issue may be? Just out of interest rather than anything else!
WiseDroid, sorry I'm not very technical but appears to be a problem with Virgin Media and servers
Lost my Deezer 7 a.m yesterday. Saw the announcement and phoned Virgin yesterday lunchtime. They said they had no knowledge of the issue but would log the call in my account notes! I have looked on the Virgin community and added a post this morning. There are only 3 comments on there including mine. I along with everybody else would like a swift conclusion to this and for somebody to take responsibility. There are 3 parties involved and where does the blame lay?
After 37 years of playing vinyl, tapes, cd's on good HI-FI. I finally packed it all in for flexibility of music choice via Deezer.
Starting to feel I've made a huge mistake!!!

Please get me back up and running.........

Just noticed we are the same, Come on Sonos and Virgin Media, please get this sorted ASAP.
It has just started working for me. Not sure if it is permanently fixed?

Sonos please let us know where the problem was as my Deezer Elite subscription is up for renewal next week 😉
Now working Nottingham area of UK - what a relief
Mine's working now too! Thanks Sonos 🙂
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Hi everyone, this looks like it's been resolved. We were in contact with Virgin who changed something on their side, and we have many of you reporting it's back.
Please post here with a diagnostic number if you're still getting issues.
Now working too in Glasgow.
Thanks. Hope it is permanent
May have written too soon - dropping back off, hopefully given an hour or two to bed in it will stabilise
All good in Hertfordshire, thank you to the VM & SONOS teams
Hello. Is it just me or is this issue happening again? Cannot play any Deezer tracks
You're not alone WD, Deezer down on Virgin Media in Nottingham