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Doorbell Interrupt/Resume

Sonos has the option for an audio interrupt but there is no option for a resume playback. I would love to see this feature be implemented so that when I am listening to music outside or if I am insid...

New Spam

I suspect these aren't legitimate. https://en.community.sonos.com/ask-a-question-228987/91-9660627641-black-magic-specialist-molvi-ji-6798957 https://en.community.sonos.com/ask-a-question-228987/fi...

Feature Request: access to different rooms and also volume controls from Android lockscreen widget

It would be great if it were possible to switch to control different rooms , and separately to also control volume, direct from the lockscreen widget.

Moderation etiquette

We know that moderation here is random as often as the spam filter is ineffective. Even if it that was not to be the case, is it not a courtesy to notify posters whose posts have been swallowed up by...

change my username

Unable to locate how to change my Username once it's created.

Pickup where you left off - streaming services

Hi, I know the new push is to double down on streaming services and voice control. I would love to have the ability to remember the last listen to spot. I listen to a lot of podcast on our system and...

Sonos App Development

Any Sonos coders/ app developers on this community?

Feature Request: Bind an echo device to a specific sonos speaker

When you trigger Alexa from a Sonos One, the volume is lowered on that Sonos One speaker only. In addition, you don't have to specify a speaker name, as the Sonos One defaults to itself. However, whe...

Feature request quick control subwoofer

I’m a bass lover and have 2 sonos subs. I would love to have quick access to subwoofer controls. Not everyone loves bass as I do and I’m often trying to adjust through the dozen steps required to ad...

Update 8.2.1

Whenever I click to update I am taken to the App Store to update. All the App Store allows to do is open the app again and nothing gets updated. Very frustrating.

My Data - Happy Birthday to me!

Stumbled across the My Data section this evening. Happy to see I’ve been a Sonos user for 10 years! Started with a ZP80 as a streaming client for my NAS based music library into a Linn multichannel A...

What's next?

So Sonos has stepped into the smart speaker arena and is doing a great job overall there, in my opinion. But what's next for the company? Updates to some of the existing hardware? Focus on software go...

Remember me in login does not work

The Remember me option when logging in the community does not work... Every day I have to log in again.

Feature request - switch all lights off

Currently the option to switch of the status light only switches off one of the lights on top of the new Sonos one speaker. Please, if possible can all of the lights on the top switch off, there is n...

Feature requests - Finer volume control, Stereo Pair 1 and One, Room Scenes

Hi, some ideas that would be useful * Volume control on the app is hard to control at low-end. It would be useful to have better control at the low end, I'm constantly trying to adjust by a couple of...

Browse by date

Please add browse by date function in music library. I really like to view my music by a particular (release) year.

can People stop complaining about DTS?

Not sure where to post but I need to chime in. I love this forum, but a question for all the complainers of DTS not being supported. Did you actually research before you purchased this very expensive...

Change profile name

I am not a number (for Prisoner fans!). Can't find where to change User+no to my name in settings.

New v8.3 code issues?

I just updated to v8.3 on my Android, (Galaxy S7 Edge) and again more problems. The system auto-updated today on my phone with the new code. It worked OK for a while as I used it with the upstairs spe...

Mount for a Sonos 5

Anyone know of a wall mount swing arm that would work for a SONOS 5? I want it to be able to point in different directions and heights. Net, a swing arm. Thoughts?

Application Changes holding you hostage....

While everyone enjoys the features on SONOS.... It's getting old to have to upgrade your application every time ..... You can't play music until you do so.... Please stop with so many non value add u...


Sonos karaoke function


Headspace on sonos

How about adding a video output

The biggest feature I would like added to my Sonos Connect is a video output. So that when I have my music playing I can see the track information on my TV. I typically use an iPhone as my controlle...

Can only read first post in a topic on my phone!

So, I've had this issue for a while now, but now annoyed enough by it to make a post... when I browse the site on my phone, all I can see in a topic is the first post... none of the replies show up. K...


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