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PC Keyboard Media Key integration

Is there any way to get Windows to see the Sonos controller app as a media player so the dedicated media keys on many keyboards can be used? The keyboard shortcuts already available are not as conveni...

New feature request

Hi, Team Sonos. I remain one of your biggest fans. The SONOS system is one of the best investments I ever made. Thanks! Here's a suggestion for future development: in the player, when choosing "Play...

Telephone support is Unacceptable

What happened to the wonderful tech support Sonos USED to have? Third time I've tried to speak with someone with a hold time over 1.5 HOURS!

Sonos not connecting to radio on multiple requests

Sonos fails to connect to radio Try to launch via Alexa and when lookin app it states connecting and then stops Request again same thing Request through app same thing Then will connect Strong in...

App Request - Ability to search for Contributing Artists (Track Artists)

Hi, In Search mode, there is no option to search for Contributing Artists (Track Artists). When you search for Artists, it only returns results where your search text is found among Album Artists in t...

App Request - Display of Track Artist when browsing

Hi, I've wanted this for some time - the ability to see the Track Artist below the Track Title when browsing - the same as what you see in the Playlist. This would be very useful for compilations and...

Feature Request

Hey there - I’ve found that the new controller is much more complex then it used to be - which brings me to my feature request: it would be great if I could create desktop/phone icons/links to favouri...

More inSided issues

I'm getting things that I read 2 days ago suddenly show up as "unread" threads. This wasn't the case an hour ago, when I'd cleared the whole forum, but just started around 8PM Pacific time.

Online incidents unavailable

When I try to access an incident online to respond to it I get the error message: This page isn’t working sonos.custhelp.com redirected you too many times. Try clearing your cookies. ERR_TOO_MANY_RE...

Sonos support site unavailable

Currently it is not possible to access incident (tickets) on Sonos support website; I have confirmwtion from other users and also from Sonos support to whom I talked yesterday. Any info when this will...

Alexa Dot half-price offer

Very disappointed not to receive this email offer that would have allowed me to purchase the Amazon Dot (Alexa) hardware to control my Sonos products. I have purchased a Playbar, a pair of Play 3's, a...

add undo

It would be nice to have an undo in case you delete or remove an item, playlist or anything else.

Add to end of queue to close to replace queue

It is easy when adding music to replace queue instead of adding to end of the queue.

Controller skins

It would be nice to be able to select different skins for the controller on the desktop. The current skin is dark and small text. It's hard to see the subtext that appears to be a light blue on a da...

a lot of problems with new app and multiple rooms

We have a relatively complex system with 6-8 areas, it is just so shonky now disconnecting one room and connecting to another with the same music on - the multiroom connectivity and moving between ro...

currently waiting on technician to pick up phone. 1 hour and 20 minutes.

I'm waiting on assistance from sonos. Why does it take 1 hour and 20 minutes to pick up the phone...I'm still waiting. I called first thing in the morning. Hello????????? anyone home?

Logging out

In the new Dutch and French communities the systems keeps logging me out. Every time I enter the forum I have to log in. A forum problem?

Multiple log-in still not possible

After months of waiting it still is not possible to stay logged in in more than one forum. Every time when I log in into the English part of the forum, I automatically get logged out in all other foru...

Wait and See (For Now)

I apologize for such a long post. I want to start by saying that I have enjoyed my Sonos system very much. The Sonos hardware is exceptionally high quality for the price, both aurally and visually. I...

Reply to listen better

Just read the email from Sonos on the Listen Better program. Whilst this is to be lauded, it does not also look at the underlying greed of some parts of the industry which will ultimately kill music....

Spam via Sonos community or Sonos?

Just received an email linking me to the Sonos community. “vivi4love vivi4love 3 minutes ago Hello Dear Friend, How are you doing Today? Hope you are in good health.I will like to invest in your Cou...

Spaming via Private Message

I have receive my first spam via this community's private message system. Is there something that can be done to avoid this such as limit the number of PM a user can send within a period of time or bl...

Anyone else getting SPAM private messages?

I've only been with this community for about 3 weeks, and now I'm getting SPAM private messages. Not cool. Doesn't Sonos monitor this stuff? Just curious.

missing community emails

as of yesterday afternoon I stopped receiving any mails regarding updates to topics that I am 'following'. I am logged into the site, I can see an update has been made since my last visit but no mail...

Seems Sonos/ Alexa integration is just in the corner..... Sonos layout terms for voice control -- from cnet

Seems Sonos/ Alexa integration is just in the corner..... https://www.cnet.com/news/sonos-lays-out-terms-for-voice-control-ahead-of-alexa-skill/


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