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Community platform updates

With this new platform we believe we are building the foundation for a great and growing community for years to come, but we also recognise that there’s room for improvement. This platform is differe...

[Feature] Adaptive Speaker Volume

I live in a studio apartment where the sound travels easily throughout my unit. Appliances such as Washer/Dryer , Dishwasher , overhead oven range fan, and vacuum cleaner easily drown out any audio I...

Broken Posts in Favorite topics

Notice this morning a few posts not letting you read them https://en.community.sonos.com/-228987/want-sonos-to-keep-playing-while-gone-6787382 https://en.community.sonos.com/-228987/resturant-6787392

Play all Songs from Artist MISSING

Sonos is missing a CRUCIAL feature that really lessens the quality of the Sonos experience. By using the Sonos app on a smart phone, it is not possible to play all songs from an artist without manu...

Logging out

In the new Dutch and French communities the systems keeps logging me out. Every time I enter the forum I have to log in. A forum problem?

Wrong username

Hello! So here i was last night tired as a sleeping dinosaur making this account and i wrote the username. I've never done anything like that before. Is it impossible to change it? 🙄

Changed e-mail address Sonos.com - Community profile does not correspond, how to fix?

I recently switched to a new e-mail address, and I wanted to update the address my Sonos system is registered to as well. However, when I do that, I can no longer access my community account (this one...

Thread removed ? Why?

Why was this thread removed? https://en.community.sonos.com/-228992/sonos-is-not-a-proprietary-ecosystem-6790331

Privacy Concerns

I bought the Sonos 5 to stream music period!. If I wanted a snooping, listening always on "assistant" I would have bought the Google Home or the Amazon Alexa. If I am forced to add this capability to...


No tv sound after update

Unread threads no longer in bold?

Unread threads are no longer showing in bold. All threads show the same unbold header on the search page whether they are read or not. Happened in the past week or two. Is there a setting that changed...

Unable to play one Radio Station (Riviera Radio) on Sonos saying song not encoded properly-working fine last week. http://rivieraradion.mc

Hi I've been unable to play Riviera Radio this evening on Sonos saying 'song not encoded properly; I can play the station on line so radio station still exists. I've been playing it for years on Sonos...

Forum Software not marking items as "read"

It's 7:30PM PDT, and I'm doing a run through of unread posts from today. Unfortunately, the software isn't marking them as read when I've actually read them. A few days ago, I ran into an issue simila...

Sonos playbase without a TV

Can I connect a Sonos Playbase with my other sonos speakers just for music or do I have to have it connected to a tv to use it?

Community / Username change

Simple question here - Im wondering if there is a way I can change my username in my Community profile / account.

Sounds dropping off

Undated to latest and Trying to listen to radio (BBC Radio 2) on bootleg. Sounds keep dropping off for few seconds at a time. Annoying. Diagnostic 7725517

Seems Sonos/ Alexa integration is just in the corner..... Sonos layout terms for voice control -- from cnet

Seems Sonos/ Alexa integration is just in the corner..... https://www.cnet.com/news/sonos-lays-out-terms-for-voice-control-ahead-of-alexa-skill/

Music playing in wrong room selected

My music played in the wrong room I selected. The beta was released today and now music I select to play in kitchen plays in tv room. Anyone else had this?

Future of Sonos particularly in contoller software

Although Sonos is definitely a leader in WiFi multi room synchronization, I am afraid that if you do not considerably develop and sophisticate your controller software you will lose traction compared...

customer support?

Has anyone else noticed how bad the customer support has become at SONOS? When I first bought into SONOS years ago, support was fast and well I said then that it was "awesome". Today I have been on h...

Feature requests - create feature request section & allow votes

Create a section for requests for new features. Indicate the request status e.g. pending review, invalid, voting, rejected, accepted. If a request is found to be valid e.g. not an existing feature or...

Show song lyrics in SONOS app

Would it be possible to include song lyrics in the SONOS app? (similar to Shazam). Currently I have to start a song, and than switch quickly to my browser to search for the lyrics on azlyrics or simil...

SiriusXM connect issue

Hi When I try to connect on my iPhone app, it gives me the error message Unable to Connect to XM. I've tried disconnecting from WiFi, & I've tried deleting the service & reinstalling.

New feature request

Hi, Team Sonos. I remain one of your biggest fans. The SONOS system is one of the best investments I ever made. Thanks! Here's a suggestion for future development: in the player, when choosing "Play...

Feature request: Stack stations

There are times if I am listening to a particular source (eg a Spotify radio station) when I want to switch to another source (eg Line In) for a while. Then later I would like to switch back to the pr...


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