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Community platform updates

With this new platform we believe we are building the foundation for a great and growing community for years to come, but we also recognise that there’s room for improvement. This platform is differe...

Active Since Last Visit

The Active since last visit search option that I always use to see what's new since I was here last is now broken. The last three or four times I've used it over the past few days, it's shown thousand...

Scroll wheel not working as of 5/9/2017

As of today, the scroll wheel on my mouse (Logitech M510 Wireless) does not work on this forum. Windows 7 Professional SP 1, Google Chrome browser.

Regarding the website sonos.com

Hi, How come that Submit a ticket / Ask a Question = https://sonos.custhelp.com/app/ask is not added/listet as a point on the frontpage of https://sonos.custhelp.com/ and on the frontpage of http:/...

Inept Sonos

Spam - how Sonos has responded to it for about 6 months now is truly pathetic. Or amateurish. With every post now going for moderation, it has hobbled the community almost as effectively as the spam i...

This forum/community seems to be 90% reposts of questions that have already been answered

I was hoping to find something closer to the Macrumors forums where there's talk about new products, what you'd like to see in future releases, common excitement about upcoming products etc. but mostl...

Netherlands and France forum gone

I note from the main forum list that the Netherlands and France sub-forums are no longer shown. What has happened to them? I speak reasonable French and sometimes like to help on that forum. Does...

Quick Exit / Shutdown

Wouldn't it be great to have one 'Hot' button that would turn off the volume, 'Pause' the active content, clear the 'Queue' and then shutdown the app.

Wrong username

Hello! So here i was last night tired as a sleeping dinosaur making this account and i wrote the username. I've never done anything like that before. Is it impossible to change it? 🙄

Sonos Wont Play

I have been dealing with my speaker not working for over a month. The only thing i have concluded is that Sonos support sucks. I wasted two hours with the first technician going over the same things...

Support Feedback redux

Support feedback redux

Logging out

In the new Dutch and French communities the systems keeps logging me out. Every time I enter the forum I have to log in. A forum problem?

RSS feed of all posts

I subscribed to the old community via rss everything just appeared , (Shrook) I subscribed to and read the posts that interested me. However now it seems that I have to have an issue or a question a...


There should be a box to check when setting alarms: Leave volumes the same. When I set the volume of an alarm for a specific unit and it is tied to a group, all the volume levels are set the same. I h...

Downgraded Customer Service?

I am a Sonos user for a few years, even it is not officially launched in Hong Kong at that moment, I bought my first SONOS from Amazon US. In the past, the support service was quite good, I can get a...

Customer support

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with sonos after sales support. It is second to none. I split the shroud on my play 5 power cord where it plugs into the back of the speaker. I chatted with the...

VPN tunnel makes connection to fail

When you have a VPN tunnel open, it seems SONOS is unable to connect to your home network. Close your tunnel and things will work just fine.

Excessive moderation

I replied to 3 topics this morning over 2 hours. The first 2 are held awaiting moderation but are yet to "approved". I note from comments in a thread on the Announcements section that others are ha...

Cannot access library settings

Hello, I am trying to add my music on my PC to Sonos and when I go to the drop down menu "manage" the Music Library Settings is not a live link and I cannot access it. I want to be able to play all of...

customer support?

Has anyone else noticed how bad the customer support has become at SONOS? When I first bought into SONOS years ago, support was fast and well I said then that it was "awesome". Today I have been on...

Like others, Spotify app is not connecting

I can't stream music directly from Spotify app to Sonos. When I select "Devices Available" then TV Room it attempts to connect the never does. This was working without issue just last week. Playing...

Samsung Tv with sonos setup and simple

How to setup your sonos with Samsung tv setup first goto Samsung remote set up add your sonos manually. Then select your device and add sonos to it and here you go sonos work beautifully the way it wa...

Can't subscribe?

In the NL forum I can't seem to find a button to subscribe to a thread, as is possible in the original English-American forum. Would someone please explain what's going on?

One more problem...

I receive a mail, saying: Dear beynym, airforceteacher has placed a new comment in the topic “Tablets, devices for remotes”. View the comment here When I click on the link provided, it takes me...


I just answered a question and I get this: Your post has been submitted. It will be published after a review by our moderators. Something new? For the curious, this was my posting: What sort of contro...


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