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Community platform updates

With this new platform we believe we are building the foundation for a great and growing community for years to come, but we also recognise that there’s room for improvement. This platform is differe...

Logging out

In the new Dutch and French communities the systems keeps logging me out. Every time I enter the forum I have to log in. A forum problem?

No more quoting?

Quoting no longer seems to work. A forum problem?

VPN tunnel makes connection to fail

When you have a VPN tunnel open, it seems SONOS is unable to connect to your home network. Close your tunnel and things will work just fine.

Edit post appears in tiny slit

When I take advantage of the edit facility - Usually as a result of my poor spelling I note that the post opens in a post-box type slit which is the same height as the Reply box - but the reply box ha...

New Devices/Speakers

I would really like some of the speakers and/or connect devices to have a display. I'm slowly replacing my Squeezebox components and really miss a display and local controls. I do not want to have t...

Sonos Marketing

I have never identified with any of Sonos' marketing efforts. Each time I have peeked at the Sonos Blog I have not found anything interesting, other than vague company announcements. Just this pas...

Duplicate Post Issue

I keep getting an error saying the post request could not be processed and to refresh the screen and try again. After several attempts with no luck I gave up only to come back an hour later to find ve...


I use a play1 in my kids room for an Alarm in the mornings and also for some quite music in the evenings for them to fall asleep. I like using the button on the play1 to play the night time music. H...

Shuffling albums

Hello All - Are there any oldies like me out there who buy albums rather than individual tracks? I would really like to have a Shuffle Albums options alongside Shuffle Tracks. I can't abide the Ip...

No matter what, i cannot get to page 4 on "ask a question"

as i read through the forum, if i click the 4 or press 'next' from page 3, it goes to page 1. i can go to any other page.. weird?

Like others, Spotify app is not connecting

I can't stream music directly from Spotify app to Sonos. When I select "Devices Available" then TV Room it attempts to connect the never does. This was working without issue just last week. Playing...

Posts submitted but will be reviewed

Just posted a reply in the Ask a Question forum and received a message that the reply will be posted after review by moderators. Is this a "new" feature or just for me? or........?

Red highlighting of "New" posts

At higher levels "new" posts are highlighted in red. I would like to have "new" posts highlighted at this level too. This would make updated topics (since my last visit) much easier to spot.

Would like to stream live shows from Relisten.com

I just started to listen to great live shows from over 70 acts on this free app in the Apple App Store. I remember that quite a few years ago I suggested you add the ConcertVault service to Sonos and...

Request: Podcast Controls

I have about 9 play1 and love them! I do have one feature request for the podcast area. I would love to see a skip 15 sec button. forward and back. Thanks! Keep up the good work. Also will there ever...

Feature selection: Already in playlist

It would be useful when going through ones music library to know what tracks were already in playlists, even if just a dot or tickmark. I've been curating our collection into playlists (some 2000 CDs...

Not a community issue per se, but if someone from website support could help

No matter what I do, my userid is linked to the UK site. I set my location, I change the URL to en-us, I log in from a known US IP address, when it sees my login or cookie, it swtiches me back to the...

Suggestion: Lock "Announcements" to Sonos staff posts only

One of the things I find hard to deal with is the inordinate amount of questions posted in the "announcements" section. In my mind, that area should be reserved for posts by staff that are actual anno...

Only getting one album when I connected to my iTunes music on my Mac

I went through the process to enable Sonos to connect to my music purchased through iTunes on my Mac. It connected to just one apparently randomly chosen album - not one I play often, not alphabetical...

Having trouble staying logged into SONOS Communitee on Chrome browser

Sorry if I posted this question in the wrong area, please feel free to move this question to another area if it's more appropriate. Is there a way to stay logged into the Community web site? Most othe...

Username Change?

Hi folks, would love to change my username to get the account set up and get stuck in!

Dedicated Section for Connected Home Topics

Considering Patrick Spence's assertion that Connected Home Integration is going to be one of the main areas of focus for Sonos going forward I wonder if there should be a dedicated forum section for t...

Spotify to Sonos on new software. Why not do the same with Apple Music

The new software favors Spotify. Why not Apple Music. Apple is selling your speakers in their store.

New Product Suggestion

How about a portable Sonos unit that has a rechargeable battery that we can use in our garden, terrace, by the pool or anywhere that has no power is available. Something similar to the Bose Soundlink...


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