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Playing Youtube via SONOS.

The idea is simple; to have a feature to play Youtube videos directly via the Sonos controller on iPod etc.

PC or Mac Based Software Zone Player

Most computers that run the Sonos Desktop Controller have an audio card. It would be great to be able to use that computer's audio as a zone.

Tired Of Waiting For Google home Integration

I am @ least 10 year Sonos veteran and it seams that Sonos as a company doesn't mind alienating what I would think is a considerable amount it owner base to Add Profit over Customer Loyalty. Sonos ha...

Your top 5 candidates for the next Sonos release.

Update September 2012: Sonos have moved their customer request facility to a new facility since I started this thread in 2010. [indent]http://forums.sonos.com/showthread.php?t=30983[/indent] The n...

What CODEC do you use?

Let the forums know what CODEC (mp3, AAC, FLAC, etc) you're using to rip your music and why.... if you like include what software you're using to rip your music. -graham

Computer as Sonos Audio Source

What do you think of the idea of making it possible for one's Sonos setup to stream whatever is being streamed by a computer networked with the Sonos system? I'll give you an example. I want to get...

Stream Audio from PC to Sonos wirelessly

Ok! I'm in love with Sonos... as with all the other similar forum threads, I have wanted to play my PC/Laptop audio through to my sonos, wirelessly over wifi. I looked at a few options from usb netwo...

Using a Turntable with Sonos

Thinking about getting a turntable setup with your Sonos system and wondering where to start? We've got you covered. If you're looking for a quick overview before you dive into the details below, che...

Status of 65,000 Track hard limit?

I recently consolidated a number of different digital music sources. For the past few years I've been a happy and enthusiastic Sonos user/booster. In the past I'd only had a small part of my music co...

Spotify + Sonos unstable

Just downloaded and upgraded Sonos to support Spotify. Enabled Spotify Premium and it works partially. The service is unreliable, stops ("lost connection to Spotify..:"). Other Internet streaming serv...

Migration for Squeezebox users

Hi all. With the future of the Squeezebox in doubt, I guess migration to Sonos is inevitable for a lot of us. I have a number of Squeezeboxen. Does Sonos cater for this in any way? Will a Sonos pla...

A Howto: Sonos -> PC Speaker (Free) with Stream-What-You-Hear

I recently found out, that you can use the "Stream-What-You-Hear",  http://www.streamwhatyouhear.com/ to play your PC-sound on your Sonos-speakers. "Stream-What-You-Hear" is free, except for p...

Playing Computer Audio Wirelessly to Sonos

I have a Mac desktop which I use to drive the Sonos software. Can I make the Sonos and associated speakers become my computer external speakers? There's a wealth of choices within Sonos (yeah), but so...

Is there anyway to stream Spotify without upgrading to a "premium" Spotify account?

Maybe I just missed it in the sales literature and my pre-purchase research...but I'm surprised (disappointed really) to find out during Sonos installation that it requires a "premium" spotify account...

YouTube Audio Streaming

Im not sure if this is possible or how it would work, but being able to stream the audio from a YouTube video over your sonos set up would be immense! There's heaps of new music, rare tracks and cover...

Youtube compatibility

Hi guys, I have readed many topics about the compatibility of YouTube.. None of them are good enough or easy to use.. It is now 3 years we have past and we still do see no difference.. Will that chan...

Help with FLAC, please.

A few beginner questions if I may. I tried searching for this stuff and experimenting but I'm not coming up with much. Take a look here if you want or need a little background on my travails to date:...

Sonos Players & 96 kHz/24 bit flac files

I notice that some high resolution flac files (96 kHz/24 bit files) won't play on Sonos. They report that the files are encoded improperly. The same files will play as expected using windows/MedidMonk...

Apple: Support Apple Music on SONOS

Hi All, @ryan schoen has started an online petition asking Apple to add support for Apple Music on sonos, your support would be greatly appreciated and we hope that Apple will take notice if we c...

What do you use as metatag editor for Mac?

Seems PC has MP3Tag and Tag&Rename, what does Mac have other than Itunes?

Napster Performance

My Napster service ground to a halt last Saturday night at my Christmas house party! I've just noticed the post from Sonos Support warning of streaming problems during the peak "Holiday period". Any...

How do I add a podcast?

Hello all! I feel stupid, but everywhere people are saying podcast this and that, and Sonos is supposed to understand podcasts, right? I can't even figure out where I add it!! So, here are typical e...


Please add support for Apple's AirPlay. http://www.apple.com/itunes/airplay/

Converting WAV to FLAC

Hi, I have just realized that I might have taken a rather bad decision when digitizing my CD collection. I chose the WAV format in the belief that this was the only true way to get near 100% copy of...

Apple Lossless vs. FLAC

good to see a swing in the direction of FLAC on this thread. If lossless is a non-negotiable requirement, your only remaining choice is do you want to tie yourself into a manufacturer (Apple), or go w...


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