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Find more information on which music services work with Sonos, playing from your music library, or using AirPlay 2 with Sonos.

Support for BBC Radio HLS Streams

To keep everything clean and easy to read we've created a new thread for this issue. We are working to get the BBC HLS streams playing on your Sonos systems and we’ll update you when we have news to s...

Support high resolution files

I purchase lots of high res FLAC files from hdtracks.com, but I can't play them on SONOS as high res FLAC files are not supported. Please add support for high res FLAC files: Reference: https:/...

PC or Mac Based Software Zone Player

Most computers that run the Sonos Desktop Controller have an audio card. It would be great to be able to use that computer's audio as a zone.

Your top 5 candidates for the next Sonos release.

Update September 2012: Sonos have moved their customer request facility to a new facility since I started this thread in 2010. [indent]http://forums.sonos.com/showthread.php?t=30983[/indent] The n...

Computer as Sonos Audio Source

What do you think of the idea of making it possible for one's Sonos setup to stream whatever is being streamed by a computer networked with the Sonos system? I'll give you an example. I want to get...

Playing Youtube via SONOS.

The idea is simple; to have a feature to play Youtube videos directly via the Sonos controller on iPod etc.

Music Library Limit 65k

This is both an idea and a problem ... the 65000 limit on tracks is frustrating to some users like myself. Please remove it.

BBC RADIO Windows Streams No Longer Available

Add Amazon Prime Music Streaming

Amazon Prime Music was announced today.  It is a streaming service that is free to Amazon Prime Members.  I would love it if support for this service was added to Sonos' current Amazon...

Please Add Google Play All Access

I noticed that Amazon Cloud Player was added to the music list. Google Music would the best next thing to add.

Status of 65,000 Track hard limit?

I recently consolidated a number of different digital music sources. For the past few years I've been a happy and enthusiastic Sonos user/booster. In the past I'd only had a small part of my music co...

Spotify + Sonos unstable

Just downloaded and upgraded Sonos to support Spotify. Enabled Spotify Premium and it works partially. The service is unreliable, stops ("lost connection to Spotify..:"). Other Internet streaming serv...

Add Spotify Radio to Sonos

We want to listen Spotify radios on our Sonos. Please add them.

Resolved - Spotify Outage May 23rd - Europe & UK

Just installed all the latest updates to hardware and software on all platforms and spotify doesn't work. Tried removing spotify account and then adding it again in preferences but theres another erro...

When will Sonos provide full support for AirPlay?

What are your plans to introduce full (not using Airport Express) Airplay support on your speakers? I want to use Airplay directly to play audio on a Sonos system that has been recorded using eyeTV. B...

Support Multiple Music Service Accounts

We have two Spotify accounts in the household and would like to add both as sources in Sonos. Currently we have to keep switching between the two when one of us listen to Spotify at work and the other...

Sonos should offer a BBC iPlayer Radio App in the controller

A lot of people have been asking for BBC iPlayer Radio. Since Sonos only appear to respond to new posts I have decided to suggest this again.  None of the responses from Sonos on this is issue so...

Allow the use of the Spotify App to Play on Sonos

Just to add another comment about this (I know there are tons!). Sonos, please hear your users.  Allow somehow that the Spotify App (and ANY app) installed on a Smartphone can play on the Sonos...

Add SoundCloud Support to Sonos

Could you guys add mixcloud and soundcloud to Sonos? Would be really great :-)

Napster Performance

My Napster service ground to a halt last Saturday night at my Christmas house party! I've just noticed the post from Sonos Support warning of streaming problems during the peak "Holiday period". Any...

Apple: Support Apple Music on SONOS

Hi All, @ryan schoen has started an online petition asking Apple to add support for Apple Music on sonos, your support would be greatly appreciated and we hope that Apple will take notice if we c...

Error: Spotify Login Information Not Valid

Whenever I try and play music via Spotify through Sonos, it tells me 'Unable to play [song title] - the Spotify login information is not valid'. Spotify works fine through all other outputs; I've upda...

Add Live Phish as a Music Service on Sonos - livephish.com

We've received a request to add Live Phish (livephish.com) as a music service on Sonos. From their website: "LivePhish.com offers high quality soundboard recordings of all Phish shows since 2003 (MP3...

SONOS High-End streaming device?

Are there any plans to bring out a high-end streaming device from SONOS? I'm a SONOS user since 5 years, very happy with the functionallity provided, but when using it in combination with a high-end...

Resolved: Spotify Outage on Sonos (EU) - May 24th 2014

Hi everyone, We're looking into the current outage with Spotify and will let you know when we have more information and when the service is available again. UPDATE 21.00 CET The outage of Spotify on...


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