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AirPlay 2 request

I understand that SonosNet is allegedly superior to Wi-Fi/AirPlay for streaming.. but I hope Sonos re-considers the decision to not implement AirPlay. Now with AirPlay 2 supporting HomeKit integratio...

Playing Youtube via SONOS.

The idea is simple; to have a feature to play Youtube videos directly via the Sonos controller on iPod etc.

Sonos should offer a BBC iPlayer Radio App in the controller

A lot of people have been asking for BBC iPlayer Radio. Since Sonos only appear to respond to new posts I have decided to suggest this again.  None of the responses from Sonos on this is issue so...

Add Live Phish as a Music Service on Sonos - livephish.com

We've received a request to add Live Phish (livephish.com) as a music service on Sonos. From their website: "LivePhish.com offers high quality soundboard recordings of all Phish shows since 2003 (MP3...

Tired Of Waiting For Google home Integration

I am @ least 10 year Sonos veteran and it seams that Sonos as a company doesn't mind alienating what I would think is a considerable amount it owner base to Add Profit over Customer Loyalty. Sonos ha...

Volume Normalization for Online Music Services

Add a feature to support volume normalization on the Sonos System so the volume of different tracks are the same when streaming from an online music service.

Can we stream Audible on Sonos?

Any progress on being able to stream audible?

Computer as Sonos Audio Source

What do you think of the idea of making it possible for one's Sonos setup to stream whatever is being streamed by a computer networked with the Sonos system? I'll give you an example. I want to get...

Pocket Casts

As a future service, please add Pocket Casts for Android. It is already set up to throw podcasts to a Chromecast, and the added functionality of an alternative to Stitcher would be great.

Please support BBC iPlayer Radio

I have just bought my first bit of SONOS equipment (Play:3). Overall impressed with sound quality (once I toned down the bass on the EQ) but the controller software (mac and android), oh my, oh my. It...

Google Home

When will I be able to run SONO's (player:1) from my google home device?

Allow the use of the Spotify App to Play on Sonos

Just to add another comment about this (I know there are tons!). Sonos, please hear your users.  Allow somehow that the Spotify App (and ANY app) installed on a Smartphone can play on the Sonos...

Playing Audible on Sonos

I have just received a Sonos Play:1 for my birthday. Sadly I am not able to play Audible on it. Audible is about 90% of what I listen to, so this was pretty unfortunate. I have read that this issue w...

Feature Request: TuneIn Premium Support

Right now Sonos allows access to TuneIn's basic radio service. But you can't sign in with a TuneIn account, which prevents many things from being possible. Now TuneIn has added a premium service, wit...

Spotify Missing Playlist Folder Disaster

I want to add my voice to the large, growing number of disappointed Sonos users who lost all of their playlist folders with this new update. Based on how I listen to and search through my music, this...

Artist picture in music library

Is there a way to display a picture of the artists when browsing the music library by artist?

Alexa/Echo yet?

I can not seem to find if or when the integration with Amazon Alexa will happen. And I have been looking...

Add support for DatPiff.com streaming

We've received a request to add support for DatPiff.com as a streaming service on Sonos. If you'd like to see this added to Sonos in the future, please add your +1 to this Idea by clicking the Like b...

Amazon Prime Music Canada

Amazon Prime just added music service in Canada. Does anyone know when you will be able to add this music service to Sonos?

Variable Playback Speed

Is there any way to play podcasts at one and a half times speed through the Sonos Speaker. On most other media players this is an option but the Sonos app does not. Sonas can you add this to the app...

Multiple Libraries and Users

There appear to be several questions in the forum related to multiple libraries and multiple user functionality for Sonos. Most are currently marked as answered through work arounds or explanations on...

Amazon Music Canada

Hi Amazon just enabled Amazon Music streaming for Canada Prime members. Will it need an app update or just a matter of Sonos enabling it for canada?

Add Amazon Prime Music Streaming

Amazon Prime Music was announced today.  It is a streaming service that is free to Amazon Prime Members.  I would love it if support for this service was added to Sonos' current Amazon...


I would like to be able to play on Overcast playlist on Sonos. Is there any way to contact Sonos to ask if this is possible?

Apple: Support Apple Music on SONOS

Hi All, @ryan schoen has started an online petition asking Apple to add support for Apple Music on sonos, your support would be greatly appreciated and we hope that Apple will take notice if we c...


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