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Music stops when casting Google Play Music to Sonos

Just like it's said in these two topics : - https://en.community.sonos.com/music-services-and-sources-228994/casting-with-google-play-music-39957 - https://en.community.sonos.com/music-services-and-so...

Unable to reautorise mixcloud account on android, ipad or pc

Today suddenly unable to access mixcloud through PC, Android or Ipad. Checked Mixcloud online. No problem. Changed password and tried re-authorising but the app still fails to connect. Advises check i...

Block explicit lyrics from Spotify

Hi my son listens to Spotify playlists through Sonos 1 and I can block explicit lyrics in Spotify but Sonos lets them through though. I see that it doesn't with Apple Music. But what about Spotify ? I...

Apple Music API supports third party software writing LIKE/HATE - so why aren't Sonos using it?

https://developer.apple.com/documentation/applemusicapi/add_a_personal_song_rating This link describes the ability to give a song a personal rating. There are many other options around that subject i...

Interval timer

Hi Sonos, I have purchased Sonos play speakers for my gym. Do you know of any compatible interval timer apps that play the buzzer sounds over the music that is currently playing? I have just replaced...

podcasts on BBC iPlayer

I regularly listen to podcasts on BBC iPlayer via my connect amp. Now some of my favourites are only available on BBC sounds which I can't seem to access. Any ideas?

Spotify connect drop-outs

Today I'm experiencing extremely frequent drop-outs in playback via Spotify connect, but playback is fine when I queue up the same tracks through the Sonos controller app. I regularly control Sonos t...

Is Sonos One the heretofore (or in this forum heartofore) missing link?

Fact 1: I have four Sonos Play 1's, and one Sonos Playbar. I can group them as I choose on my iPhone Sonos app to play whatever music I like. Fact 2: I have four Alexa/Echo Dots. I can link them...

Songs ending before the end

Songs from “On this phone” ending before the ending of the song and the next song in the que starting. Doesn’t always happen and does happen on different songs

No Apple Music, Deezer, or Spotify on Play 1

Just bought Play 1 and working fine except that I would like to stream music via Apple Music but on the Add Music Services page - there is no option for Apple Music and even Spotify or Deezer!!! Downl...

Sonos Playlists?

Hello all, I had to move my library on my NAS due to a partial failure (music all intact as I had further backed it up. But whilst its easy to repoint the Sonos to my music library there seems no easy...

Virgin Radio UK no longer available on TuneIn

Hi all, is anyone experiencing the same issue? kind regards, H.

Amazon Prime

We just switched our whole system to Sonos as it was promised to be the best.....I read that you would be able to connect prime music with Sonos in 2018 and at this moment you can’t. Considering retur...

Sonos Play 1 and iTunes on NAS with no computer attached

If I have my iTunes library stored on a Synology NAS will it play on Sonos Play:1 without having a computer turned on? My problem is my laptop computer goes into 'sleep' mode, thus not allowing Sono...

Playing from Spotify using Alexa

Hi, I hope someone can help with this one, please. Alexa on my Sonos One will not play music from Spotify. It responds "to play music from Spotify link your premium account first using the Alexa app"...

No sound via Airplay2 since 9.3 update

I have been able to use Airplay2 since the launch without an issue on my Sonos One stereo set-up and my Play5 (separately or jointly). Since the latest update when I use Airplay2 I see that the Sonos...

Song stopping and skipping when iPhone goes to sleep

Hi, Presently, songs played from my iPhone 8 stop in the middle of the song or skip. I checked my wireless system as per suggested in other posts but to no avail. I checked if I had the newest updat...

TuneIn Radio Service has disappeared

Since yesterday, 12th January 2019, TuneIn is gone and is not listed anymore as an available service. What has happened? Is there an alternative service to listen to my preferred radio stations? I mu...

Amazon Music Connection Error

I have an Amazon Prime account and started a free on-month trial with Amazon Music Unlimited (previously had Prime Music as one of my music services) so I deleted my old Amazon music service and tried...

Desktop controller does not access music stored in itunes library.

I've installed the desktop ontroller as advised in previous discussions. I've followed the instructions on how to access my music library (itunes), however a message appears on the conttoller -"no sh...

No Amazon Music in Services list

Hi I’m in the Uk, Spotify & Apple appear no problem but no sign of Amazon Music, I’ve contacted Amazon & they say it’s a Spotify issue? Please help ASAP

Spotify not found on Sonos app in UAE

Spotify officially launched in UAE months ago and I cannot listen to it on my sonos. When is this problem going to be fixed? Sonos is a speaker not a streaming service and should not delay users!

Not possible to create playlists using music stored on my device

I have loads of music stored on sd card local to my device, so not streamed. The ability to either create playlists using this locally stored music or save a queue of it, is either greyed out or not a...

Sonos with Idagio issues

Idagio streaming service has recently become available in Canada so I signed up for an account and added it to my Sonos setup. Couple of issues: 1. In the Idagio app on my pc I've saved around 150 alb...

Sonos can’t find iTunes Library

Since upgrading to Mojave on my MacBook Pro Sonos can no longer find my music library even when I search manually, keep getting to 1002 error. Sonos and Apple don’t get no very well as I previously ha...


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