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SonosLibraryService failed to start

I completely reinstalled my computer and noticed that the current version of Sonoc Controller (for Windows) seems to be broken. The "SonosLibraryService.exe" program fails to start due to a .NET-Exce...

Sonos "unable to play" Plex music . . . with weird symptoms.

Hi, I see that there are a lot of threads with people getting an "unable to play [title]" when trying to access Plex. I've read them, and followed a few suggestions to no avail. The circumstances for...

SiriusXM "The channel does not exist (anymore)."

Once again...., I am unable to access SiriusXM via my Sonos system. This is a consistent problem with Sonos, Why.......................................???? I described today's problem in a previous th...

Is there a way yet (2019) to see two libraries separately instead of their content being intermingled? One on laptop, one on NAS.

Yes, we know Folder View kind of does that, but we want the standard choices (Album, Artist, etc) to be usable for each library separately. We use Macs, so if iTunes is needed, that's OK.

Record player

I have a connect amp issue connect my record player it cuts out

Spotify connection problem

For about the last 2 weeks I can only play Spotify tracks via the Sonos app, I can't play any Spotify tracks on my Sonos speakers from the Spotify app itself. No error messages are displayed, and it l...

Search not working in Amazon service

Search is broken in the Amazon service in both the Windows and Android app's

No alphabetical order option available when browsing albums on Spotify via Sonos

I would like to raise an issue with Spotify functionality on Sonos app. When I go to 'Your music' => Albums, I no longer see my albums in alphabetical order. This used to work but now there's no optio...

Connectivity to Spotify

Recently, when attempting to play Spotify through my sonos speakers, the sonos app has been giving me error messages saying that sonos cannot connect to Spotify. It has been a week, and the issue has...

Nativ Vita Music Player

I recently bought the Natuv Vita music player that now houses my music library. It is a great system for audiophiles and worth s look. I would like to know if the Sonos plan to integrate or partner wi...


TuneIn cannot play some stations anymore

Apple Music via AirPlay 2 - Low volume

When I use AirPlay 2 to stream Apple Music, it’s quiet. Applies to all my speakers; one, five and beam. Other platforms like YouTube and Amazon Music are louder when air playing to speakers. Anyone ha...

Suggested feature: Dynamic TuneIn syncing

I have several Sonos throughout my house and regularly listen to Tunein stations in various rooms. Unfortunately, if I start to listen to a stream in a room, then walk to another and start the same s...

Google Play Music moves to next track before current track is finished

When casting from the Android Google Play Music app to any of my speakers, the track skips to the next one far before the previous one has ended. Can be easily ten or twenty seconds. This has been hap...

Amazon Prime Music

I have added my Amazon Music account from my Prime membership. Not an amazon unlimited account. It loads, allows me to see a lot of playlists, but when I select to play, attempts to play, fails with...


Tunein suddenly disappeared from my sonos app. I see several queries about its exclusion. Thought Sonos is a sound system, to link my audio devices and apps to speakers. Didn’t imagine it was going t...

New Siruis XM Channels not showing up in Sonos

Recently Sirius XM added 100+ new streaming channels. I see them on my Siruis App, but they don't show up in my Sonos. Does anyone know how I can get them to show up?

Apple Music Subscription

I’m permanently signed into my Apple Music account on my Sonos setup and anyone in the family using the Sonos system stops me listening to Apple Music directly on my iPhone. What do I need to do to av...

Plex Mix functionality

Should Plex Mix work in combination with Sonos? I have a Plex pass subscription but I am surprised that the 'Plex Mix' selection is not available.

Apple Music Dislike button

Am I losing my mind, or are there really not Love/Dislike buttons for Apple Music when played through Sonos?! They are definitely there when playing AM directly. And Amazon Music and Pandora both...

Tidal Masters

Are there any plans to support Tidal Masters on Sonos?

Streaming songs from my Iphone X keeps disconnecting

Issue with my Sonos System

Live Railroad on Sonos

Is it possible to pick up and listen to live railroad feeds from local or national sources? If so, how is this done? Can this be done for local fire and police feeds as well?

Sound Masking with Sonos Speakers

Does anyone use Sonos speakers as their sound masking machines? I am a therapist and need to create conversation privacy. I am thinking of putting a Sonos 1 in each room and playing sound masking tr...

Playing Spotify playlists offline

I created a Spotify playlist...downloaded it to my iPad...I can play the playlist on my iPad speaker via the Spotify App...even when I am offline...so far so good...but when I try to play the playlist...


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