Youtube Music - "Unable to Browse Music"

  • 23 February 2021
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I am a paid youtube music member, and own a SONOS lamp. I have been using SONOS with my youtube music, and it has been fine up until recently. Now when I got to my library I’m met with “Unable to browse music”. Please advise. 

7 replies

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Try removing YouTube Music from your music services in the Sonos app and re-adding it.

Unfortunately it didn’t work!

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Try these:

  • Reauthorize YouTube Music in the Sonos app
  • Reset the Sonos app under App Preferences and close and re-open the Sonos app
  • Restart your phone
  • Reboot your router

Nothing, I am unclear as to what to do. Did all of these things. 

Similar situation, only up until 4-5 days ago this has been happening. Did all of the above + disconnected all my devices + changed DNS on my router as this had been suggested as a possible fix in the past. No change. My main issue is with not being able to pull my favorites playlist. Instead I now get the "unable to browse" message. Very annoying.


Diagnostics #148409434 

Guys same here and about to post a question…

I had all my music uploaded in to Google Play and would listen to it via the Sony Bravia TV and my Sosos home entertainment system associated.

Since all Google Play users were forced to move to You Tube Music about 2 months ago the service is less than worthless. None of my uploaded music is listed \ detected nothing plays.

There is a similar company out there iBroacast but right now they don't have an App compatible with the Bravia….


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Hi everyone, thanks for raising this with the Sonos Community!

I’ve not been able to reproduce this on my own system with YouTube Music, and it looks like you’ve done some troubleshooting steps already.

Have there been any recent changes to the network? This can sometimes happen if mesh networks are in use, due to Double NAT - if you’re using a mesh network in conjunction with an ISP provided router, it may be worth either placing the mesh network in Bridge/AP mode, or the ISP router in to Modem Mode.

Otherwise I’d recommend getting in touch with the Support Team via either live chat or phone call, as they have more tools available for investigation :)