Youtube Music Premium App songs vs Youtube Songs available on my Sonos app

  • 7 December 2019
  • 1 reply

I just signed up for Youtube Premium Music. I’ve added it to Sonos, authorized it with the code, and can access songs on  it with Sonos app. However, the availability of songs is different between the Youtube Music app and the Sonos app. The specific example is that when I searched on Eva Cassidy on the YT app it came back with 70 songs. When I do the same thing through the Sonos app, it only comes up with 6 songs and most of them are “duets” with other singers (is it really a duet if one of the singers is already dead? Maybe it should be called a dead-et.) 

Does anyone know if this anomaly is just the way it is for now or am I doing something wrong? Any tips? I have 3 Play:1’s



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1 reply

May have solved my own problem. Because YT is owned by Google and Google Play Music is morphing into YT Music, I simply switched Sonos music sources to Google Play (which I don’t have premium acct) and all of a sudden had access to all the songs. So that seems to be the ticket. Sign up for YT Premium Music (there’s 3 months free right now) and use Google Play Music instead.