YouTube music now available through Sonos

  • 31 January 2019
  • 6 replies

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Premium accounts only...

[...and I just noticed I posted this in the same forum where the Sonos official announcement is stickied above]

6 replies

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If it makes you feel any better, I went ahead and moved the post about it to the Announcement board so people would see it there 🙂

Thanks for sharing the article!
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Hi! Great news but I still can't cast music from Youtube Music app to speakers like from Google Play Music. I can play music only from Sonos app, but in Sonos app I can't find any track that available in Youtube Music app (but these tracks are castable to Chromecast).
Sonos doesn't own the YouTube music app. That implementation would have to be done by Google. Sonos already has developed the API for it, as you can see on other peoples's applications.
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JBL also doesn't own Youtube Music app but JBL Playlist available for casting Youtube music.
Don't get too much happy yet ...

- Playlists not displayed in Sonos App (only "recently added")
- Artists not displayed in Sonos App
- Albums not displayed in Sonos App
- "Start Radio" not available.
- Direct cast from YTM App not available
- ... probably more, but not going to dig more for the moment

So, you still need Google Play Music. Not sure whether Sonos or Google is responsible for this lack of functionalities.
The interface with the Sonos app is a joint responsibility, with the majority of implementation being done by the music service, and Sonos handling the API. All those features are currently available via other services, which means they are already in the API. Therefore, YouTube would be responsible for adding them to their particular interface.


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