YouTube Music chirps, clicks, and dropouts

  • 10 September 2021
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I’m in for about $3k in Sonos hardware over the last 5 years, I have been using YouTube Music without issue for the last year and now all of sudden it’s unusable.

  1. If this is a Google issue, can a developer please show me the ticket that was opened by Sonos Engineers? Something I can reference when I try to speak with Google?
  2. Are Sonos engineers working on a workaround/fix to eliminate this issue?
  3. Has Sonos support even recognized this as an issue/bug? Is it being tracked?

Sonos has to work with 3rd party servers to survive. The lack of an official response in the forum is outrageous! The finger pointing back to Google is equally outrageous. To claim it’s network issues is outrageous. I can stream Spotify, Amazon Music and Sirus XM without issue. Until recently, I could stream YouTube Music without issue.

Somehow this thread is Closed & Answered yet nothing is provided. I’m asking for an official response in the forum to this issue from either Developer or Support. Right now my $3k Sonos system is unusable and this is a huge problem.


2 replies

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Wow. I can understand that it’s frustrating when something’s wrong with your system. But to start demanding before asking for help….. And boasting how much money you’ve spent on Sonos…..

Have you tried calling Sonos and let them have a look at your system?


I assume you didn’t review the attached thread of over 70 replies spanning 10 months with over 1700 views talking about the exact issue. There has been 12 new entries in the last month alone all with the same issue and all with no official response from Sonos. Frustrating? Yeah, it’s frustrating.