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  • 16 September 2015
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41 replies

I use my desktop computer to watch TV and listen to music. A friend of mine had a complete Sonos system in a log cabin summer home. The acoustics in this place were fantastic! So I did a little research on other wireless speaker systems and the concensus seemed to be that Sonos had great sound and good software. I decided to start with the Play 3. I forgot that it didn't have a line-in connection. My suggestion to Sonos is that they ought to offer a line-in connection option on the Play 1 and Play 3.

I use YouTube to listen to music because I can get to the song I want to hear right away. Also, some of the videos are great. Besides, what the hell is wrong with liking free stuff. You audiophiles may not like some of the recordings, but most of them are done very well. Me, personally, I would rather hear a mediocre recording of a good song, than a high fidelity recording of a mediocre song.

I assume that if I buy a Sonos Connect I can hook my computer to that and send the YouTube audio to the Play 3.

Please verify.

Actually I have a very good reason to desire YouTube compatibility.

As a guitarist I find the vast quantity of free to use Guitar Backing Tracks to be amazing on YouTube, I use it every day for playing along to.

At the moment I Bluetooth youtube to my TV to play along, but would love to benefit from the superior sound of my Sonos Play 5 and 1.

So for me yes, there is a very real sediment for this feature. Although I have a Google Play account, there isn't 100th of the amount of tracks as on YouTube.
Tell that to YouTube. They are the ones who are prohibiting use on audio only streaming systems. Matter of fact, YouTube cannot be streamed over Google Chromecast Audio, and Google actually owns YouTube!!!!! So your beef is not with Sonos or other users who may define YouTube as tied to video, for they are only describing what YouTube itself has established: They make money off advertising, and that advertising is useless over audio only streaming.
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I assume that if I buy a Sonos Connect I can hook my computer to that and send the YouTube audio to the Play 3.

Yes, you can do that. Or use a Play:5 directly connected to your computer.

At the moment I Bluetooth youtube to my TV to play along, but would love to benefit from the superior sound of my Sonos Play 5 and 1.

You can leverage the line in on the Play:5 to get YouTube into the Sonos system. 1 method would be a 3.5mm auxiliary cable from your computer/phone/tablet into the Play:5. Another would be to add a bluetooth receiver to the Play:5. Once the audio it out to the Play:5, it can also be directed to other Sonos components.
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For me it's access to live music. Many full shows are posted on YouTube that I'd love to stream. Youtube also launched YouTube music specifically for streaming in the background.
Great. So get a Playbar, and a Roku or Chromecast. Watch all the YouTube you want on the TV, with great Sonos sound.
I found this thread after searching for ways to get youtube audio onto my sonos. I have 8 sonos speakers and 3 amps all over my house. my kids and I sometimes fine audio content or live concerts or remixes on youtube that aren't available elsewhere and I was looking for a way to get that audio all over my house. Surprised there isn't a build in solution but looks like there are a few ways to do it that ive found and thought I'd share.

I found an app called SonosTube for iphone/ipad - free to try and then $4.99 to buy. I just downloaded and am streaming a concert on youtube from my favorite radio station, in Seattle - booyah!

Looks like you could also get a chromecast audio and get it to work - haven't tried that solution. here are instructions -

there's also this solution for android only folks, haven't tried that either.

hope this helps someone - cheers!

Did you get the chance to test this SonosTube app more extensively? Any pros/cons you'd like to share?
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As the app is only £3.99 to,own and free to try, why not give it a try. It outputs sound from the video you are playing on your iDevice.
Originally written by Maik
Added extra detail by Shash

Hi guys!

Most comments state that Sonos systems aren’t supported, but they are indirectly! You will have to add the stream as a Radio Station to get it to work.
You need to download the “stream what you hear software(SWYH)” onto your system. Then Just follow these steps:

1. Go to your Sonos app on your PC and go to “Manage” –> “Add Radio Station…”
2. Right click on your SWYH icon in the task bar/hidden icons and go to “Tools” -> “HTTP Live Streaming”
3.A pop up will come up with “stream what you hear HTTP live streaming url”
3. Copy and paste this into the top streaming URL box for the “Add radio station” and ignore the warning stating “don’t start this live streaming on this local computer (music loopback)
Then in the bottom box for add radio station, type in your chosen “Radio station name”
eg “you tube shortcut” click “ok” and then play music on you tube on the internet explorer
The music will come through with a delay of about 2 to 3 second to all your chosen speakers that are on, on sonos system. I usually turn down the music on the laptop. loudness can be controlled by both sonos and also youtube clip volume

For future use click on sonos , then radio by tune in from select a music source, then click my radio station, then your chosen “Radio station name”. Then play youtube on the internet explorer.

Note: SWYH will use a different port when you start the app, so it is recommended to enter a specific HTTP port in your settings pane.

You can stream MP3 and PCM/L16.
Happy listening!
Maik aand also shash