Work around for Rhapsody Connection Lost

  • 8 December 2008
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After another lost connection with Rhapsody I have a work around, since these lost connections typically happen when you are having a party or need music for an event, and now it has become not if you get a lost connection but "when" you get a lost connection.
I connected by pc sound card output to the line in input of the sonos and access Rhapsody via my browser instead of Sonos. I know it is a hassle work around but at least you can access your playlists and music and access to Rhapsody through a browser rarely goes down.
I am going to keep Rhapsody playlists not Sonos playlists for the Rhapsody music so they will be available through my browser.
I can even do a remote log in via my ipod touch to access my computer browser so I don't have to be at that computer, I guess another reason to have the touch.
Hope this helps a few people in a pinch when you need music from your Rhapsody library for a party, especially with the holidays coming up.

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