Wont play radio station and it used to play before

  • 14 January 2021
  • 4 replies

Hi there

i have a radio station that I have played previous, when I ask google to play it she says ‘Ok playing Classic hits’ radio station on tune in…

then she says..’Sorry, I can’t find what you are looking for’.…

Any suggestions please?

Thank you

4 replies

"Alexa, play classic hits radio from TuneIn” is working here … perhaps try again in case it was maybe just temporarily unavailable.

Thank you so much, unfortunately that didn’t work, it’s been going on for a few days now! Thank you

Perhaps see if someone else here in the community will give the station a play-test too… are ‘other TuneIn radio stations working okay for you?

I have the same problem. One station that I frequent works, two others don’t. GA says “OK playing CJDJ on tunein . . . sorry I can’t find what you are looking for”. The stations that don’t work using voice commands work from the sonos app. Sonos 1 gen 2, GA.

I wish I had never purchased a Sonos speaker, it’s been nothing but trouble. I don’t want to use Alexa. Anyone want to buy a Sonos 1 that was new at Christmas?