WMA to MP3 Conversion and retaining song information

  • 3 March 2006
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Ive recently decided that i want to change all my music in Windows Media Player to the mp3 format. Approx 30% of my media library is currentlty in the WMA format. I understand the process of conversion and have done so with some files.
My question is if anyone can help.....is there a program out there that will not only convert my WMA's to MP3's, but will also retain my song information which is important to me in Windows Media Player (ie Play count, star rating etc)

3 replies

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The easiest way I know of on the PC platform is Apple iTunes. iTunes is free. Set things up right in its preferences settings and it will convert your entire library to MP3 (or other supported formats) with a couple of mouse clicks. It will retain your tagged information too.

Note: iTunes on the Mac doesn't support WMA import option.

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iTunes will indeed migrate and 'proper' tags.

I believe play count and ratings are stored inside your Windows Media Player DB however so these will be lost during the migration process.

I don't know of anyway to convert the music and leave your data intact within WMP, it's one of the reasons many people choose not to use MS products...they don't allow an easy migration path to any other format.
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Thanks guys i appreciate your help.