Will Sonos play music in the cloud

  • 26 October 2017
  • 5 replies

Will Sonos play music in the cloud (ie apple music not downloaded) or does it the music have to physically reside on the device (iPhone or Mac/itunes)?

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5 replies

It can play music from the Amazon, Google, or Apple Cloud, with stipulations.

For Amazon, the first 250 tracks and all Amazon purchases are free, and 250,000 tracks are $24.99 per year.

Google Play Music gives you 50,000 tracks for free.

Apple requires a full subscription to Apple Music.
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It will play music in the cloud from apple music if you are an apple music subscriber (there is an apple music player within the sonos app). It will also play music that physically resides on your device.
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Note that you cannot ask Alexa to play anything from Apple Music or your local files. Or Google. Just Amazon.
Ahhh. But of course! Too bad. Thank you! I did NOT think of that!