Why does Spotify need a premium account to connect to Sonos

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Why is it that Spotify needs to be a premium account ($$$$$$$$$) to be connected to Sonos. Not good, Not Good at all. I will continue with Pandora. Shame, Shame on Spotify and little shame on Sonos for partnering with Spotify. Just deleted all my Spotify accounts.

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Spotify set the terms. $10 or £10 per month for a high quality stream and a choice of tens of millions of tracks? Best bargain I have ever had. Get your wallet out and buy your round.
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In an ideal world, we'd all love Spotify and Apple Music, etc to be free but how would they make any money?
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Every "on-demand" music service with a large catalog of commercially available music requires some kind of subscription to use it through Sonos.

Amazon Prime Music - included with Amazon Prime ($99/yr)
Amazon Unlimited Music - $7.99/mo (with Prime) or $9.99/mo (without Prime)
Apple Music - $9.99/mo
Google Play Music - $9.99/mo
Spotify - $9.99/mo
Rhapsody/Napster - $9.99/mo

There are plenty of free radio services that work through Sonos, because radio services can insert ads between songs and you can't remove them (on-demand music plays from the queue, which you could use to skip or remove ads from).


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