Why can't we play Amazon offline playlists (posted this on twitter also)

  • 13 December 2016
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HI, if I am streaming with Amazon and want to save a song I like to a playlist, I only get choices of A B C for example.
If I have downloaded an album and like a song and want to add to a playlist, I don't see A B and C, just D and E, offline playlists.

With Spotify, a playlist was a playlist, it could have downloaded and streamed music in it.

This is a big issue because I download music I listen to a lot, due to data charges etc and being on the tube and no signal.

So most of my playlists will be offline ones.

With SONOS you can only choose Online playlists from Amazon to listen to . Now SONOS say DRM etc, but it plays Spotify offline playlists fine, just streams the offline songs.

Can we be able to play offline playlists via SONOS please? (it can just use the list to stream same as Spotify)

Now this could be Amazon causing this issue not Sonos, but whats the point of having offline playlists that Sonos can't play ?

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1 reply

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Sonos has no way to read them on phone. Amazon would have to enable their app which can read them to direct stream to sonos