Where to put my iTunes library?!

I'm intending to get rid of my old MacBook (which currently holds my iTunes library) and replace with an iPad Pro (which couldn't handle the music).

What is the best (and easiest - I'm not very techie) way to store my music? I want to access all the music from all my devices (iPhone, iPad android phones and tablets)

Options I'm aware of:
1. NAS
2. Apple Music & iCloud
3. Google Play (or drive? Not sure of the difference)

Other things that may be relevant:
Wifi is not great on speeds or reliability we get the occasional drop out.

I like Spotify and have an account which I use regularly - is it worth adding to this my entire library manually - or is that insane!

I've read lots of comments on the forum but they seem to be about specific problems- this is a request for basic advice. Help :-)

Thanks in advance

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I've just moved my music from a desktop PC to a NAS and don't regret it at all.

I used the opportunity to do a lot of tidying up of folders but the set up was quite straightforward. I feel I have more control over everything with it being on the NAS, rare than on somebody else's server.

I also have Spotify but use that as a back up if I'm doing maintenance, so there can always be music in the house.

I've also started using subsonic as a server for my audiobook collection. Works really well.
Thanks MrKeith, I was all set to order NAS but read some stuff about apple music/iTunes library causing problems. I feel reassured- might place that order after all :-)
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I've not had any problems with iTunes on the NAS. Playlists are mapping to Sonos better than they used to. Speed hasn't been an issue either.

I have done quite a lot of work sorting out my iTunes library and my general file/directory structure to work with Subsonic.


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