Where is 'manage music library' option on iphone controller app?

  • 29 December 2016
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Sorry; I know this is a really dumb question... My desktop is running Vista, so the desktop controller is no longer supported. Where is the 'manage music library' option on my iphone controller app? [I believe it is 'update music index' or something like that?] I've tried everything I can see on every screen, but can't find this option - Please help...

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3 replies

Either the app version number is out of sync with the hardware, or your iPhone iOS version is also only partially supported. iOS must be iOS 8 and higher (certain features need higher versions of iOS). To check the versions, go to Settings->About My Sonos system. All versions, Controller and Sonos hardware, should be at 7.0 or above. If they aren't, go to check for an update.
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My ios is totally up to date and my sonos is 7.0.1...

Can you just tell me where I can find the menu option to update my music library/index? It's not that I've tried it and it failed; I simply can't find the option/command

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Dear jgatie, Sorted. You were right. Not all the system was up to date; when I updated, the manage music library option magically re-appeared in 'settings.'

Thank you