What are the limitations on the NUMBER of playlists?

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Sorry to ask again this often repeated inquiry.  How many playlists can I add to my Sonos? As I understand it, there are at least three questions here:

  1. How many Sonos Playlists can I create?
  2. How many playlists can I import from iTunes, now that I have figured out how to import them?
  3. How many playlists can I import (or is it access) from Amazon Unlimited streaming?

I am figuring that these answers also depend on the contents - number of tracks - in the playlists. but I am unclear whether this count, or even the number of playlists makes a difference for the iTunes of Amazon playlists.

I appreciate any information here. Thanks very much.

John K.



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#1 There is supposed to be a 10k limit on tracks in all Sonos playlists. There is a finite amount of storage on the players for these (and its pretty small until we all have S2 systems).

#2 Why bother importing the playlists at all? Leave them in iTunes and use Apple Music to play them, that way you don’t have any need to keep them in sync with any changes.

#3 Amazon has a limit of 500 tracks max per playlist. Again, don’t import them, just play them directly.

Regarding the limits, why not just try and see? Then you can tell us what the limits are, if you hit them.

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Also there’s a more definitive answer here:

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Thank you, but I am content now to access all my music through the Sonos interface. I am asking these questions to find information that exists already, rather than having to perform experiments which others have done.

My questions concern number of playlists, not number of tracks, unless there is a clear, explainable relation between the two.

The link DID provide this information:

iTunes Playlists

  • Max 40,000 Tracks 
  • Max 1,000 playlists imported to Sonos

So how many Sonos playlists are possible, and how many can be imported from Amazon?

It would be great if the capacity information for the Sonos interface was all in one place.

@jk10003, You don’t need to import any playlist from Amazon, just load it into the playing queue.

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I can import my entire list of Amazon playlists as a single item in My Sonos, enabling me to see and pick everything from inside the Sonos app. I am trying to find out if there is any limit to how long that Amazon list can be, and if it uses up any capacity in the Sonos interface.

You can only save them as Sonos playlists and there’s (currently) a cumulative limitation of around 10.000 tracks.

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Within My Sonos, I have two groups of playlists (see screenshots below). One is titled Is titled “Playlists”, and consists of Sonos playlists created from Amazon albums. The other is titled “playlists_title” and contains all of the playlists I have created in Amazon; when I make changes to playlists in Amazon, this Sonos group is automatically updated. So do these two groups of playlists share a single limit to the number of playlists, or do the Amazon playlists have a separate limit, or no limit at all? And if the Amazon playlists are separate, what is the limit on the NUMBER of Sonos playlists which can be created?

And of course, is there an actual limit on the number of playlists, or are such limits only concerned

with number of tracks?

‘My Sonos’ has a limit of 70 items across all sections.

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At the moment, my My Sonos contains

Albums - 41

Playlists - 32

Songs - 2

Stations - 7

playlists_title - 23


Am I counting wrong?

I don’t know whether the limit has been increased in the past 7 months without telling us.

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I can suspect that the “playlists_title” might be considered a single container, since it has stuff that comes from Amazon. But that doesn’t explain why Albums + Playlists is more than 70. How can current information be obtained?