WD My Cloud Home Duo NAS and Sonos

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I'm trying to set up a NAS- the WD MyCloud Home Duo.

I've put all the music on he NAS- it's in a folder called Music Library. iTunes is set up in a separate folder, called iTunes.
I can see these folders in the web page and the WD app.

In Windows Explorer, I can see the NAS as a mapped drive, and the folders are there, with all the music on.
They are Z:\\Music Library and Z:\iTunes

In the network part of explorer, the NAS appears as \\MyCloud-xxxxx\Public, where xxxxx is the NAS name (it's actually part of the serial number
There are no levels below public.

I can add \\MyCloud-xxxxx\Public in Sonos, as a networked device.

From what I can see, I'm not doing anything wrong- but either when adding the folder as a networked drive, or when trying to refresh the music library, it doesn't add any music.

(PS I have added MyCloud as a music service and it works ok. So as a service I can play music, search, etc. But I want the added option of being able to run everything through the main Sonos Library.

Please help- if I had any hair, I'd be pulling it out by now!



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Have you turned on SMB v1 on the drive?

You may also want to submit a system diagnostic, and either post the number here, or contact Sonos to discuss it. There may be information included in the diagnostic that will help Sonos pinpoint the issue and help you find a solution.
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Thanks for the response.

Yes, SMB v1 is on.

Diagnostic is 1582561460.

Here' hoping this can get sorted.
The two directories you created “iTunes” and “Music Library” are not in Public as you have said there are no levels below.

They reside in...


\\MyCloud-xxxxx\Music Library

But you need to use the WD Utility to share them first. Also take out the space in the directory “Music Library” or just shorten it before sharing it.
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Thanks, Belly M.

I sort of understand most of what you are saying, but I dont really know how to share them.
I have a WDMycloud so its not quite the same but if I use a webbrowser and connect to its IP I get a web interface. Across the top there are several icons one of which is shares, clicking on this then bring up a list of the shares, at the bottom is a Plus symbol to add a new share,
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Thanks for the explanation.

It would appear that the WDMyCloud Home Duo doesnt support web browsing- it gave me an error message when I typed in the IP address. Then a search on the WD website said this was the case.

I'm not making much progress!!!!! I will persist.
Try typing into your browser MyCloud-xxxxx.local

Where xxxxx is the real name of your NAS
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No, that doesnt work either. Just takes me to search results, one of which was the weather in Spain.
How did you create the directories / folders on the NAS?
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I imported the goldets with my mudice and iTunes in via USB- from a portaboe drive into the WD.
I think i then moved the folders up a directory level, as I didnt like what the WD suggested.

Ive decided to start again and accept the WD defaults. I think I got too fussy and mucked things up.