Volume normalization

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Sonos needs volume normalization. Even services that have it such as Spotify pandora and Apple Music are not normalized when playing on Sonos.

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it's something to consider in the next buying decision.

But is there any option that does this well?

That’s exactly what I will try to find out. Plus honestly, there is not much to lose in that aspect - even in case a replacement option is not doing it well, it will hardly carry out volume normalization worse.

I now use Sonos as dumb kit having largely moved my interface to Echo front end devices that are wired to Sonos line in jacks. But even Echo does not offer this feature which is disappointing, and I suspect that there isn't anyone else that does. If you come across any that do, post the details here!

I have found that it is better to listen to albums as opposed to shuffled playlists just to do away with the large swings in sound levels that seem to be inevitable when using the latter.