Virtual Zones and Zone Grouping

  • 27 February 2005
  • 190 replies

This "link/unlink" business is really cumbersome - and not a joy to use which goes against the ease of use of the rest of the system.

Why can't I have a virtual zone - ie a zone called "Downstairs" - and I can group all my downstairs zones into this. Then I dont have to keep manually linking/unlinking multiple zones everytime.



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190 replies

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Tried to vote but it would not let me log in. (Yes, I have created an acct.).
+1 for the Virtual Zones!
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The possibillity to create different groups of rooms with different names and to save them.

So someone can easely select the precreated group and send music to selected group.

Very usefull for example with timers (new functionality) that are different to wake-up.
With timers I can for example play different music in different groups of roum in different ours.

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With Timers (no wake-up) I can say for example: at 2 o'clok play playlist 1 in room1 and stop at 3 o'clok, then from 3 o'clock to 4 play playlist 2 in room 1, then at 4 o'clock play playlist 3 but in a different room, in room2.

More better if I can create and save different groups of room so I can play with timers in groups of rooms.

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This is a very old request in fact, however Sonos no longer scan these forum for ideas, you need to go to and add your vote to the existing Idea there (or create a new one if there isn't an existing Idea).
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Perfect proposal. Sonos, please implement it!!!
I submitted this a little over 10 years ago. We should celebrate this!
+1, great idea...
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First of all: I am a huge Sonos-fan. That being said there is one fact I found annoying: Once I create a group consisting of e.g. two seperate rooms the seperate rooms cease to exist. Thus every time i wish to only use one of the speakers I need to ungroup and if I change my mind back again I have to regroup them again. I propose a simple solution: Sonos, make it possible to create groups containg certain speakers and still keap the individual rooms on the list. In that way one can switch between group or individual configuration with only on click. AND there is no need for creating the same group over an over again.

First post! Welcome to the forums.

SONOS does not often post comments on these forums and they ask that suggestions be posted at ask.sonos

I would not enjoy your scheme. I think that a list of Group "Favorites" would be less confusing than simultaneously displaying a room as its own entity and as part of a group. In my scheme one could click on a "Favorite" and instantly lash up or break down multiple groups. One Favorite could be "null" (no groups).

A nagging detail that must be worked out in any case is: what happens to a Queue, when players are lashed into Groups? Each player might have an existing Queue. Which Queue should survive after a Favorite is invoked? A player might also move from one Group to another when a Favorite is invoked. What should happen to it's current Queue? What happens to it's original Queue, existing before it was a member of any Group?
If you have Android based controllers have a look at Macronos in the Google Play store.
Wow, this request has been open for 10 years??

I'm frustrated with the experience of switching between groups > all > groups (as the groups have to be re-created when selecting all), but hadn't realised it was such a long-standing request!

Hopefully Sonos is looking at ways of improving this
The lack of easy grouping always bothered me. On Android there's Macronos as already said, an external app that nicely group speakers: I really can't understand why the same thing is not possible from within Sonos' own application.

I want to stress this, this is already available on a 5€ app but not on stock app of a systems that can cost well over a thousand euros. Macronos does a lot more useful things (e.g. starts playing when you enter your wi-fi network) but this is where it shines. For interested fellows, here's the app on Play Store:

Probably, the most challenging problem is to understand how to design the UI to achieve this result (Macronos is a bit ugly). Anyway, it doesn't have to be perfect, maybe some feedback will help improving it, but just release *something*!
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I'd like to re-energise this request. Locking 2 or more zones together and giving them a separate name is certainly something I would use and fully support. I have a kitchen open to the dining room, I have a stereo pair above the kitchen units and a play one in the dining area to balance the sound. They are always played together but currently I have to operate them as 2 separate zones. Please (Sonos) can you do an update to allow perminant grouping of zones. Thanks!