Virtual Zones and Zone Grouping

  • 27 February 2005
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190 replies

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+1 to virtual zones / zone grouping
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+1 to virtual zones / zone grouping
+2, as I have two systems.

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I am a new Sonos user, with 6 zones, including ZP90, ZP120, and S5. The system works far better than I expected, with the exception of zone choice.

At present it would be extremely helpful to be able to name and save groupings of zones, including the choice of relative volumes on the indivual players within a group. This is especially important as some of my zones play non-Sonos equipment through ZP90's.

I am tempted to add several other zones. However, I forsee that doing so could make my system extremely cumbersome, unless I have the possibility to select favorite groupings of zones with preset relative volumes. While alarms already have this possibility, after using an alarm, other preselected settings are lost.:)
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+5 (soon to be 6) as I have 5 zones. Nothing more frustrating then having zones and volumes set up for a party handing the remote to a guest and they accidentally change the zones while playing with the remote. It would be nice is the quick fix were "party" zone.

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+1 for me as well.. This could also eliminate the need for four speakers in one ZP120 for instance. You can have another virtual "hidden" zone which will act as another. This can be done by linking them, I know, but it would be much more aesthetically pleasing to see "Downstairs". This would be a great ides
Me too.

I usually have 4 zones wired together with the 3 other zones in ad-hoc combinations.
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+1 just had this idea today!
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Add my vote too. I've been wishing for a way to have the alarm play in several zones, but not necessarily the same way the zones were grouped the night before. I'd settle for the alarm to play to [All Zones - Party Mode], but being able to create virtual zones would provide much finer control and be more flexible overall.
+1 from me too.
Add my vote too. I've been wishing for a way to have the alarm play in several zones, but not necessarily the same way the zones were grouped the night before. I'd settle for the alarm to play to [All Zones - Party Mode], but being able to create virtual zones would provide much finer control and be more flexible overall.

I agree. One of the remaining "issues" with the Sonos alarms is the lack of control when it comes to playing alarms in multiple zones.

Zone grouping could provide a very elegant way to deal with this.


+1 from me!

And being able to configure those zones for alarms would be really usefull! So I don't have to care which config I used the evening before the alarm.
+1 from me. The more zones you have, the more you realise you need this.

-AV Spyder
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The more zones you have, the more you realise you need this.
And since Sonos prominently feature "up to 32 different zones", one might have thought that they'd addressed this point by now.

Satisfied users buying yet more players can become slightly less happy when the only way of arranging zones is alphabetically - and with the amount of scrolling that is required 😮
After 6 years since I asked for this, you have to wonder if this has any serious traction.
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Yet another vote for this feature. I am surprised that there are so many requests for this type of thing, going back years.

To add that it isn't just existing users who would like this. I was in John Lewis (LARGE chain of Dept Stores in the UK) today, next to a neat display system for showing off the SONOS system. A couple were asking questions and were talking about "defined sets of zones", so they could set up zones for Kids, Party etc. They seemed quite disappointed, the salesman to his credit did say the system often gets updates and gave the iPad controller as an example.
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+1 for me too.
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Hi everybody

I'm not quite sure whether this idea has already posted someone else by fall I'm sorry but could not find them.
I would be very helpful if you could find different store zones, ie eg. Zone Alarm wherever the same players including without which I must connect them again and again. Just as the party mode other areas could be permanently saved himself.
I hope you know about what I mean ....

Sorry for the bad english...

Greetz Matchef
+1. I have not purchased zones for my bedrooms, and I will not until I can isolate those players. Thats a sales loss of 4 zone players for my household alone.
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I'm so glad this topic has re-surfaced. It's over six years now since palmlodge started it.

Like Robert way back in post #31, and countless others since, my Sonos footprint has recently grown to the point where I too would appreciate Virtual Zones or Groups, c/w preset initial volume levels.

This whole concept of zone management really needs a shake-up, so that controllers can be associated (only if desired) with a specific zone or zones (or indeed Virtual Zone/Group), and also banned from any control whatever over other specific zones. A System Administrator screen, not generally visible to casual users and password protected, could be used to configure the entire Sonos system to suit he/she who paid for the kit in the first place!

In my view it is vital that Sonos continues to evolve, or others will take its best bits and add to it over time. This thread has run for ages, so I do hope the company are reading and acting upon this vocal forum community's inputs?
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This topic hadn't occurred to me but was brought to my attention when installing 7 zones in a client's home and the client asked for just this.

Being able to choose Upstairs, Downstairs, Kids play or whatever would be very handy.
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I'm on my knees now, BEGGING Sonos to add this critical feature... it's madenning how many times I have to group/ungroup zones for specific needs/purposes.

It has literally gotten to the point where I just DON'T GROUP out of pure 'oh gosh can't be bothered with it again!'

Especially if you have a trusty ol' CR100.
6 years and 4 months since I asked for virtual groups.

The UI is desperate for an overhaul - it's overly 'fat' and 90% of the menu system is never used (in our household). It needs collapsing and organising.

With 10 zones, I'd also like the zone screen to be collapsed - I don't need to know what's playing but a playing status (ie paused/playing/stopped) is OK. I'd like to see side by side just like we already have in the main system menu (music library/radio/etc)
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+1 - With 12 zones it take far too long to setup say all upstairs as a "grouped zone". I am sure like many others we have a number of regular "group zones" we use and it is a bit frustrating to have to set them up from scratch each time.

Regarding the zone screen, on the CR200 it only shows the first 3 zones and then a message like “plus 9 more zones”. Why? when there is loads of space on the CR200’s screen to list them all.
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Sorry about the thread title it’s all I could come up with at the time. Here’s my dilemma, I have 9 Sonos zones in my house, some using ZP 120s and others using ZP 5’s all in different size rooms with different acoustics. Every time I put the house into party mode or even join two zones that are close to each other I have to play with the volume controls to get a consistent volume between the zones. This gets VERY annoying after a while.
I’m no programmer but it seems to me that somehow you should be able to create a consistent volume between zones without all the playing with the slider bar (The slider bar is annoying also but that’s a post that’s already on the forum). Is it not possible to create a setup where when a person links say Zone 1 to Zone 2 for example that Zone 2 always has a volume 12% higher than Zone 1, or that Zones 3 is 15% lower than Zone 1 and 3% higher than Zone 2? This seems like a perfect candidate for an array table or small database or some other developer magic I can’t think of.
Apology number 2: If this been discussed already please forgive the post. I didn’t see it in my search.