Variable Playback Speed

  • 6 September 2017
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Is there any way to play podcasts at one and a half times speed through the Sonos Speaker. On most other media players this is an option but the Sonos app does not.
Sonas can you add this to the app please!

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27 replies

Not currently, but it has been requested before.
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Thanks, how does one get this onto the feature list for the next version?

I think you have to work for Sonos, and be the PM who figures out which features are useful to continued sales, which would likely have priority over features to make current users happy.

That's an obtuse way of saying "they don't expose to us their decision making process, and just tell us that they've told the development team of the request". If you do a search of these boards, you'll see a plethora of those types of responses, including some to requests exactly like yours.
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Add me to the list of users that would really appreciate this feature.
Playing directly from the podcast app would be helpful
REALLY miss the speed playback feature for Stitcher!! I usually use the Stitcher app with an audio jack. But now with the new iPhone cable and its lightning/audio adapter, I was hoping to just stream the news. I play stitcher news at 1.5x speed. Please add a speed playback feature Sonos! And while I am at it, please bring back Audible.
Agreed, I'm so used to 1.3 speed that regular speed feels like molasses in january. Plus I can't make it through my very long podcast list! Please add this to your features!!
Concur. This function would be very useful!
This is a must! The sonos pod cast app is awful/useless without variable playback!
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When you are user to 1.5 speeds, it's painful trying to listen to a podcast at normal speed. It's creating a negative customer experience and the one of the first I will discuss when taking about the sonos system with other potential sonos customers. Please fix this issue.
This is an essential update already found in the majority of other players. Even more significant now Audible has been added to Sonos, which is brilliant.

I generally listen at about 2.25 speed and agree it's painful at normal speed now so can't bring myself to use it until this is addressed.
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The reason I keep a Bluetooth speaker in the kitchen and have held back buying a Sonos speaker for that room is because of the lack of this variable playback speed feature.
I also use Pocketcast and would really appreciate getting the same playback settings that are available in Pocketcast integrated into Sonos
I cant believe this feature hasn’t been added yet. Sadly a dealbreaker for me and they are being returned in the morning 😞
Here's to another vote for variable playback speed
+1, but I want to add that airplay 2 support should solve this for iphone users with "newer" Sonos speakers. In today's press conference, they promised airplay support through a software update next month.
+1 for variable playback speed too. Guess I won't be listening to Podcasts on my Sonos until it gets added!
+11 podcasts become increasingly popular and these could use increased playback speed. Just like almost all podcast apps can (which cannot be connected to Sonos)....
I can confirm that the support for Airplay 2 that came out this week does allow this to work for those newer speakers that support it. Specifically, I can play from the Podcasts app on my iphone, and every other app I’ve tried can send its audio to the Sonos, so I would expect other podcast apps can do the same.
@mybole, what do you mean with "those newer speakers"?
Also on Android I have found only 1podcast app that integrated into Sonos. Pocket casts. But that does not stream to Sonos directly as far as I have seen. Only from Sonos appnitselfncan I stream to the speakers and there is no playback speed option

Looking forward to your reply
@owin Google “Sonos Airplay 2” and look for the list of supported speakers. Also, I believe Airplay 2 is not available on Android, so this is really only a solution for Mac users with recent speakers.
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Please make this happen already, as it is holding me back from buying further sonos speakers.
It pains me to listen to podcasts on sonos. I would rather use my phone to broadcast to my friends, a podcast, since i can play at 1.5 and 2.0 speed. If sonos added a variable playback speed, or allowed to 3rd party app, like spotify, to play the increased speed , i would by more products. I want to listen to more than music with my sonos, if i cant use variabke speed i will most likely swith to another product
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Another vote for this feature here. Listening to audiobooks through Storytel at regular speed just takes forever. I like listening at my own reading speed, which is quite a bit faster.
I'd like another vote for some way to achieve this. I was actually really excited when I heard about using a Chromecast Audio to stream audio to the Sonos system via the Play:5, only to find out that the Chromecast Audio was discontinued.

I want to be able to play audiobooks out of my "Libby" library book app, as well as out of my Pocketcasts audio app, at variable speed.

The most generic way to do this seems to be to allow chromecast streaming directly into the Sonos system, since almost all of the Android apps I use that I want to project to Sonos support Chromecast, but if there's another way to accomplish it that would be great as well.

Not being able to listen to audiobook/podcasts at increased speed keeps me carrying a bluetooth speaker and phone from room to room with me rather than buying additional Sonos speakers.